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One-time developer, one-time architect, one-time team lead, one-time project manager, I have always had an active interest in agile/lean methodologies, now I have the opportunity to focus solely on the implementaton of the methodology. The world's leading agile coaches boast consistent realisation of productivity gains of four to 500% in 6 to 12 weeks. Something to aim for!

Princely Agile

Whether running an agile project or a Prince 2 project, the principles at work are the same, in both cases a project is broken up into small pieces and regular formal inspection is applied to ensure alignment. It is in … Lees verder

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Fixing to get flexible

When adopting scrum, one of the more subtly difficult issues that can arise, derives from the varying expectations generated by the word agile. Customers who are used to long lead times and cumbersome procedures are delighted at the prospect of … Lees verder

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The birth of a workshop on (about) 15 sheets

While deliberating on how I might put some flesh on the bones of the idea of developing an agile coaching service incrementally – workshop by workshop – I ran into an old friend of mine, Pieter, who was having trouble with his (complex bec… Lees verder

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