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Working on several custom development projects over the years all using mainly Oracle technology. Used technology ranges from Oracle RDBMS, Designer, Forms, Reports, JDeveloper, XML (XDK), XMLDB, OWB, ODI, Apex, J2EE, UCM, WebLogic, ADF, WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Spaces. In these projects I have participated as Analyst, Architect (functional and technical), Team Leader, Project Leader and Developer. My main focus is on being the linking pin between functional people and technical people with a thourough understanding of both areas. Specialties Oracle technology and related technology like SQL, Java, XML, HTML

Oracle Apex – leverage the full potential of (Any)Chart

What to achieve?   In Oracle Apex 4 charts are based on an integration of a product called AnyChart. Although Oracle has not implemented all chart types available from AnyChart, there is still a lot you can do with the … Lees verder

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BIG DATA is (becoming) BIG?

Recently I became Hadoop certified developer. I have proven to know something about a technology (Apache Hadoop) that is strongly related to BIG DATA. But what is BIG DATA, and what can a company do with it?     When … Lees verder

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Oracle Reports migration made easy?

With more and more tools that make it easier to move off Oracle Forms to a more modern infrastructure, the need for a tool to migrate Oracle Reports becomes prominent.   With one of the tools provided by Oracle, BI … Lees verder

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