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DBA Consultant, Project Manager and Operational Team Manager at Qualogy. Specialties Certified Oracle Database Administrator and Industrial Engineer (business analyst / project management).

DBaaS tools in the Cloud

The Oracle Database Cloud Service costs more, but offers tools specifically aimed to help customers to manage their databases in the Oracle Cloud. As part of the trial testing of DBaaS, we’ll put it to the test. Lees verder

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Touch the Sky

Since the introduction of Oracle’s Database as a Service (DBaaS) in the cloud, we wanted to know more. So we arranged a trial DBaaS. In the coming weeks we will explore the Database in the Oracle Cloud, as well as Java in the Cloud and share our experiences in the blogs. Read blog 1. Lees verder

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Samenwerken met techneuten is verslavend

Qualogy trekt een speciaal type collega’s aan. Verwante geesten die elkaar begrijpen in hun gedrevenheid en passie voor het vak. Dit vind ik mooi aan ons bedrijf. Lees verder

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Get it done on time, in scope and in budget

The bigger the project, the more likely that time will prove that the original estimates were incorrect. Simply put, a lot of previously unknowns pop up and assumptions are proved invalid. This is assuming that the scope and assumptions were … Lees verder

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Pros and Cons of Support teams doing Projects

I encounter this dilemma at almost all organizations, small and large. The dilemma being a conflict of priorities. So it’s worthwhile exploring what solutions are available in dealing with it.   The conflict: An operational support teams primary priority and … Lees verder

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How available is your car?

I imagine that you need your car every day. You get in, strap your seatbelt on, turn the key and the engine starts purring as you drive to your destination.   Every 30 000 km’s, according to your warranty contract, … Lees verder

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Support is boring!

WHAT!!??? I can just see our Director raise his eyebrow at such a bold statement. After all, if it’s boring, what are we doing?   So let me rephrase, if your environment has been well planned, is mostly automated, runs … Lees verder

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