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Started in pharmacy, Michel made the change to IT in 1996, on a UNIX TTY terminal based computer and the MUMPS language. These days he is an Oracle Fusion Middleware Architect at Qualogy, as member of the Exalogic Squad team, with focus on technical infrastructure, Serverside solutions, installing, administering, configuring the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack. He started in 2000 as a support analyst for a big bank with BEA Tuxedo 6.5 and WebLogic 6. His experience is from integrations at telco´s. He now works mainly with Oracle WebLogic 11g and 12c, plus releases with practically all Oracle products running on top of it. In 2012 he became an Oracle ACE and wrote 2 books about WebLogic: This blog is also being published at: thanks to Jürgen Kress

Oracle Service Bus: error logging in Report Provider with Enterprise Manager 12c

Oracle Service Bus Monitoring can be approached in various ways. You could choose to use the OSB Alert and diagnostic framework with pipeline and SLA alerts, or you could log your exceptions in the JMS Reporting Provider. Messages and errorcodes … Lees verder

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Looking forward to Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Michel Schildmeijer: “This year I’ll be joining the convention for the fourth time. I’m really looking forward to finding out more about the technology roadmaps of other companies.” Lees verder

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Loosely coupled monitoring with Oracle BAM, BTM and RUEI – Part 1 BAM

Loosely coupled, a term you might heard of; it is a term being used to explain how a Service Oriented Architecture handles with applications, services and transactions. Lees verder

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Oracle WebLogic: past, present and future

This article will give you an overview of how Oracle WebLogic started, how it became the platform as it now is, and what to expect in the future. Enjoy reading! Lees verder

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SOA Suite 12c monitoring with EM 12c Cloud Control

At the customers I work for, I often implemented Oracle’s Enterprise manager 12c Cloud Control to build a monitoring framework. In this blog I will tell about what’s needed to build such a framework. Lees verder

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Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c – Selective tracing

Michel Schildmeijer shares 5 steps to use ‘Selective Tracing’: a facility available through Enterprise Manager that allows for debugging of a production system without overloading it with logging activity. Lees verder

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Oracle SOA Suite 12c: solving a bug

Oracle Fusion Middleware Architect Michel Schildmeijer found a bug in Oracle SOA Suite 12c (12.1.3), started an investigation and found a solution. Lees verder

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Oracle Fusion Middleware WebService Security whitepaper

How to start WebService Security using Oracle Web Service Manager, and fit it in your Fusion Middleware? Read this free whitepaper by Qualogy’s Michel Schildmeijer Lees verder

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Oracle Exalogic & Fusion Middleware Optimization whitepaper

During my session at Oracle OpenWorld 2014, which covered Oracle Exalogic & Fusion Middleware Optimization, I promised to publish a detailed whitepaper on this subject. It covers a wide range of topics about Oracle Fusion Middleware on the Oracle Exalogic. Have fun … Lees verder

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Encrypt & decrypt your way into WebLogic SSL

The title of this blog may seem a bit cryptic…. In this article I’d like explain some basics of the the SSL implementation in WebLogic. This blog is meant for people who are not familiar with SSL, especially in combination with WebLogic. In … Lees verder

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WebLogic & JRockit FlightRecording scheduling

As part of an analysis during a longer period of time, I wanted to investigate on a deeper level and for a longer period, JRockit JVM level. Besides using WLDF embedded FlightRecording, it is also possible to separately record using … Lees verder

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Oracle BPM 10gR3 (former ALBPM) on WebLogic 10.3.6

Oracle has several BPM suites in it’s product portfolio such as: Oracle BPM Suite 11g Oracle BPM Suite 10g (OC4J Platform) and Oracle BPM 10gR3, which was inherited from BEA, former known as the Aqualogic BPM Suite. Around 2004, BEA … Lees verder

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Oracle Service Bus: WLST fundamentals

In my series of blogs about the Oracle Service Bus and WLST scripting I’d like to focus some more on the fundamentals, which will guide you through building smart generic scripts for your OSB/WebLogic domain. As you might know, WebLogic uses … Lees verder

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WebLogic 12.1.2: Derby database and elastic JMS

A while ago Oracle released its new version of WebLogic Server 12.1.2 with lots of new cool features such as dynamic clustering and elastic JMS. Now there have been a lot of improvements from an administrative point of view, nevertheless JMS … Lees verder

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WebLogic: how it all began – an interview with one of the co-founders: Laurie Pitman

All those years that I am working with WebLogic, the BEA and Oracle era are the most well known about WebLogic evolving into a worldwide Enterprise platform for Java applications, being used by multinationals around the globe. But how did … Lees verder

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