Monitoring WebLogic 12c with Nagios and REST

The venerable Nagios is by far the most common system monitoring tool found in the wild. WebLogic ranks among the more popular application servers. And even with a huge installed base, getting something, anything of WebLogic into Nagios is a … Lees verder

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Oracle Fusion Middleware WebService Security whitepaper

Building an Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform at customers, with various products such as SOA Suite, OSB or any other product forces you to think about security integration and implementation. In this whitepaper, I cover a basic scenario to think of … Lees verder

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Overriding default ADF validation messages

Abstract: This article describes several ways to override default ADF validation messages. Basic component level message overriding is an easy to use feature of ADF. It has however some limitations. These limits can be overcome by using global application level overriding.   The built-in … Lees verder

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Integration with Oracle Cloud HCM

Oracle plans to release version 9 of Fusion Applications this spring. The company made a lot of changes to Cloud HCM since version 8, with the biggest improvements in the integration part. One of the core aspects of integration is still file-based integration, in which … Lees verder

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Oracle Exalogic & Fusion Middleware Optimization whitepaper

During my session at Oracle OpenWorld 2014, which covered Oracle Exalogic & Fusion Middleware Optimization, I promised to publish a detailed whitepaper on this subject. It covers a wide range of topics about Oracle Fusion Middleware on the Oracle Exalogic. Have fun … Lees verder

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Getting rid of OPMN in Oracle Fusion Middleware

A lot of Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFMW) 11g products, such as Oracle Reports and BI Publisher still use OPMNCTL to stop and start components from the command line. If you are administrator for these platforms, you’ve probably ran into the issue … Lees verder

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Encrypt & decrypt your way into WebLogic SSL

The title of this blog may seem a bit cryptic…. In this article I’d like explain some basics of the the SSL implementation in WebLogic. This blog is meant for people who are not familiar with SSL, especially in combination with WebLogic. In … Lees verder

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Google Pre-Sales training: In full gear

Recently, I attended a two day pre-sales training course at Google Paris. Qualogy was invited because of our certified Google Apps Premium reseller status. The course was hosted by a member of the Google Partner University. He initially worked as … Lees verder

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Validate your expertise: become WebLogic Server certified

Are you a Java developer? Are you a system administrator responsible for a WebLogic based platform? Are you a solutions architect or implementation consultant working with Oracle Fusion Middleware? Then you may have considered getting a WebLogic certification. And you … Lees verder

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Integrating Oracle Fusion HCM with other applications

There is a lot of discussion about how Fusion HCM can be integrated with other applications. A wide variety of functionalities that a customer could need is already present in Fusion, but there is still some functionality that is simply … Lees verder

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OSB unit testing, part 2

In this second part on unit testing OSB, I want to focus on testing database-based (proxy) services. Ultimately, your data will be persisted somewhere, so this is likely going to be a RDBMS. For your unit tests, you should not rely … Lees verder

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OSB unit testing, part 1

In my current project, I inherited a lot of OSB components that have been developed by (former) team members, but they all lack unit tests. This is a situation I really dislike, since this makes it much harder to refactor … Lees verder

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Working with the Page Composer in Oracle Fusion

In Oracle Fusion, the pages of the application are already delivered by Oracle. The contents of the page and the labels usually depend on the specific setup, but there is no programming needed. Though normally you would want to make … Lees verder

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Prepare For Failure…

Currently, I am doing development on the OSB (Oracle Service Bus) in my project. As part of a proxy service being developed, there was a requirement to interact with another service using the request-response Message Exchange Pattern (MEP).  For purpose … Lees verder

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HugePages: increase WebLogic performance for free?

For most WebLogic or Oracle Fusion Middleware installations, there’s a performance edge that is very often overlooked. When running on Linux, your processes use blocks of memory in 4 kilobyte sized blocks, or “pages”. Back when 128MB was considered splashing … Lees verder

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