HugePages: increase WebLogic performance for free?

For most WebLogic or Oracle Fusion Middleware installations, there’s a performance edge that is very often overlooked. When running on Linux, your processes use blocks of memory in 4 kilobyte sized blocks, or “pages”. Back when 128MB was considered splashing … Lees verder

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WebLogic & JRockit FlightRecording scheduling

As part of an analysis during a longer period of time, I wanted to investigate on a deeper level and for a longer period, JRockit JVM level. Besides using WLDF embedded FlightRecording, it is also possible to separately record using … Lees verder

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Oracle BPM 10gR3 (former ALBPM) on WebLogic 10.3.6

Oracle has several BPM suites in it’s product portfolio such as: Oracle BPM Suite 11g Oracle BPM Suite 10g (OC4J Platform) and Oracle BPM 10gR3, which was inherited from BEA, former known as the Aqualogic BPM Suite. Around 2004, BEA … Lees verder

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Starting WLST scripts

When you’re working with the WebLogic platform you’ll run into WLST sooner or later. It’s just too good a tool not to use, from monitoring to automation to configuration. If I had a daily toolbox with only one compartment I would … Lees verder

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Oracle Service Bus: WLST fundamentals

In my series of blogs about the Oracle Service Bus and WLST scripting I’d like to focus some more on the fundamentals, which will guide you through building smart generic scripts for your OSB/WebLogic domain. As you might know, WebLogic uses … Lees verder

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WebLogic 12.1.2: Derby database and elastic JMS

A while ago Oracle released its new version of WebLogic Server 12.1.2 with lots of new cool features such as dynamic clustering and elastic JMS. Now there have been a lot of improvements from an administrative point of view, nevertheless JMS … Lees verder

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Get it done on time, in scope and in budget

The bigger the project, the more likely that time will prove that the original estimates were incorrect. Simply put, a lot of previously unknowns pop up and assumptions are proved invalid. This is assuming that the scope and assumptions were … Lees verder

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Mocking Your Services – Groovy is in the Heart!

Like most people that are developing (web) services, I was well aware of the existence of SoapUI [1]. However, probably also like most people, I was only using a very small fraction of its features. More specifically my knowledge was … Lees verder

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SOA Suite & MDS – Share and Enjoy !

Introduction One of the good features from Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) that has continued its evolution into the Fusion Applications (and Fusion Middleware), is the concept of the MetaData Store (MDS). In EBS this MDS is primarily intended for customizations … Lees verder

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New MOS note on Exalogic software and firmware versions

On this blog, I have featured an Exalogic patch overview (and the first one here). This details the software and firmware levels for the respective hardware and software (sub)components delivered in each Exalogic update. Apparently, someone at Oracle thought this was … Lees verder

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Exalogic Echo release-Elastic Cloud v2. now available on e-Delivery

Just a quick post : there are new Exalogic goodies on Oracle E-Delivery today. Something we have been eagerly waiting for since the spring. [updated] Exalogic Stack version (dubbed “Echo release”) is now available for download on E-Delivery (as … Lees verder

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Control Freak

I am a Freak Okay, I’ll admit it: I am a freak. A control freak. A Version Control Freak. My opinion is:   if numberOfDevelopers > 0: needVersionControl := TRUE Full stop. Even for your pet projects and workshop code, … Lees verder

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WebLogic: how it all began – an interview with one of the co-founders: Laurie Pitman

All those years that I am working with WebLogic, the BEA and Oracle era are the most well known about WebLogic evolving into a worldwide Enterprise platform for Java applications, being used by multinationals around the globe. But how did … Lees verder

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DevOps and Continuous Delivery

 If you want to go fast and have high quality, communication has to be instant, and you need to automate everything. Structure the organisation to make this possible, learn to use the tools to do the automation. There’s a lot … Lees verder

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Performing server maintenance in the Exalogic Virtual Datacenter – part I

This post explores the options Exalogic Virtual Datacenter (vDC) administrators have when maintenance has to be performed on one or more Exalogic compute nodes (physical servers in an Exalogic serverpool). This can be hardware maintenance (e.g. replace a defective memorycard) … Lees verder

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