Fusion Applications 11.1.5 now available on E-Delivery


It didn’t take too long for Oracle to release the next update : version 11.1.6 has now been made available as well. It’s been online on E-Delivery for several weeks already. More strain on my download quotum I’m afraid 😉

Just a quick post. Slightly off-topic for my blog but important for Qualogy nonetheless:

Oracle Fusion Applications release 5 is now available for download on E-Delivery.

I could not find any press releases yet, but it’s already available for download, all 65 Gb (compressed).

I guess I’ll be straining my cable subscription in the coming week!


Jos Nijhoff is an experienced Application Infrastructure consultant at Qualogy. Currently he plays a key role as technical presales and hands-on implementation lead for Qualogy's exclusive Exalogic partnership with Oracle for the Benelux area. Thus he keeps in close contact with Oracle presales and partner services on new developments, but maintains an independent view. He gives technical guidance and designs, reviews, manages and updates the application infrastructure before, during and after the rollout of new and existing Oracle (Fusion) Applications & Fusion Middleware implementations. Jos is also familiar with subjects like high availability, disaster recovery scenarios, virtualization, performance analysis, data security, and identity management integration with respect to Oracle applications.

2 Reacties op Fusion Applications 11.1.5 now available on E-Delivery

  1. Laurens schreef:

    Hoi Jos,

    En? Heb je Fusion Applications al aan de praat gekregen?



    • Jos Nijhoff schreef:

      Hello Laurens, actually we have been running version 11.1.2 on our Exalogic since this summer and were already well on our way with installing 11.1.4 HCM, so actually we will probably try and upatch our 11.1.4 environment to release 5 sometime this month.


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