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Informele bijeenkomst: 4 nieuwe oplossingen voor Oracle eBS

Maak dit najaar kennis met 4 nieuwe oplossingen waarmee u nóg meer uit Oracle eBS kunt halen. Tijdens een informele bijeenkomst vertelt Qualogy er alles over Lees verder

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Migrating services from SOA to service bus

Triggered by a migration project, Milco Numan looked into the relative performance of XSLT and XQuery. During preliminary testing, he discovered large differences in performance Lees verder

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Oracle Fusion Middleware WebService Security whitepaper

How to start WebService Security using Oracle Web Service Manager, and fit it in your Fusion Middleware? Read this free whitepaper by Qualogy’s Michel Schildmeijer Lees verder

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Oracle Exalogic & Fusion Middleware Optimization whitepaper

During my session at Oracle OpenWorld 2014, which covered Oracle Exalogic & Fusion Middleware Optimization, I promised to publish a detailed whitepaper on this subject. It covers a wide range of topics about Oracle Fusion Middleware on the Oracle Exalogic. Have fun … Lees verder

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Getting rid of OPMN in Oracle Fusion Middleware

A lot of Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFMW) 11g products, such as Oracle Reports and BI Publisher still use OPMNCTL to stop and start components from the command line. If you are administrator for these platforms, you’ve probably ran into the issue … Lees verder

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Validate your expertise: become WebLogic Server certified

Are you a Java developer? Are you a system administrator responsible for a WebLogic based platform? Are you a solutions architect or implementation consultant working with Oracle Fusion Middleware? Then you may have considered getting a WebLogic certification. And you … Lees verder

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OSB unit testing, part 1

In my current project, I inherited a lot of OSB components that have been developed by (former) team members, but they all lack unit tests. This is a situation I really dislike, since this makes it much harder to refactor … Lees verder

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HugePages: increase WebLogic performance for free?

For most WebLogic or Oracle Fusion Middleware installations, there’s a performance edge that is very often overlooked. When running on Linux, your processes use blocks of memory in 4 kilobyte sized blocks, or “pages”. Back when 128MB was considered splashing … Lees verder

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Decentralisatie AWBZ, kan het slimmer?

A.s. maandag is Qualogy één van de sprekers op het congres van de Vereniging van coördinatoren Informatievoorziening en Automatisering in Nederlandse Gemeenten: VIAG.  De VIAG heeft voor het jaar 2013 het thema “Het kan slimmer” vastgesteld. Doelstelling van het congres is meer … Lees verder

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WebLogic: Cluster Address option

Although I haven’t had time lately to do some blogposting, I’d like to pick it up from here with short articles from which I hope you will learn some about the features of Oracle Fusion Middleware areas with special focus … Lees verder

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WLST change script to SOA Common, BPEL an BPMN Properties

To all you WebLogic / SOA Suite Admins: getting tired and bored to postconfiguration actions of SOA Suite specific settings after the 5th  SOA /BPM Somain you’ve created? I did :). Doing manual repetitive tasks can be boring, but also … Lees verder

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Oracle Fusion Middleware in the Cloud #FMW #Cloud

Oracle runs best on Oracle. Simply put, that sums up Oracle Fusion Middleware running on Oracle Exalogic. It’s a perfect match for any organization, and now it’s within reach of every organization…   Thanks to Qualogy’s Oracle Fusion Middleware in … Lees verder

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