Career at Qualogy

Do you want to work on innovative projects for Enterprise companies and multinationals? At Qualogy, we are market leader on Java and Oracle, and innovator on Data Science. We have several challenging projects that provide enough variety to sharpen and broaden your IT skills.

Employment Conditions

As soon as you start working at Qualogy, you become a member of the Qualogy family. At our versatile company, our in-house employees work on innovative projects using the latest technologies. Each day, our experienced consultants support major national and international clients. Because of our versatility, we can offer a custom remuneration and benefits package. A good salary is the foundation of this package. Our extra benefits, such as a unique bonus structure and an unlimited training budget, make us an excellent employer.

Below you will find a selection of our benefits. If you have any questions or if you would like more information, please contact us by e-mail at or call 070-2195322.

Our employment conditions:

  • Base salary and holiday bonus
    Qualogy offers an excellent base salary that is determined by your age, education level, work experience and IT skills. In May you will receive an 8% holiday bonus. 
  • Attractive bonuses
    You grow alongside the organisation. We reward good performance with attractive bonuses for all of our employees.
  • Holidays and Q-days
    You are entitled to 28 holiday days per year plus two extra Q-days. These are additional free days that are paid out by management. In 2017 these days were the days after Ascension Day and King's Day.
  • Training budget
    We always encourage you to work on your personal growth and development and provide you with an annual training budget of €2,000. Don't think this will be enough? Excellent! That means you're committed to your personal development and we will help you in any way we can.
  • Pension
    Do you sometimes dream about all the things you'll do when you retire? Qualogy offers excellent pension provisions via Zwitserleven for all of its employees.
  • Laptop
    Nobody likes waiting, which is why we provide you with a high-end and lightening-quick laptop.
  • Reimbursement for travel expenses
    Whether you work at our office in Rijswijk or as a consultant at one of our clients offices, travel expenses will be reimbursed by us. 
  • Collective health insurance: ONVZ
    Take advantage of the outstanding collective health insurance package offered by ONVZ. As a Qualogy employee, you will receive up to 10% off the annual premium.
  • Events
    Attend interesting events, conferences and meet-ups with your colleagues. Last year we attended J-FAll and DevFest in the Netherlands, the Polymer Summit in Copenhagen, Devoxx in Antwerp, and IoT Tech Expo Europe and ApexConnect in Berlin. We also attend Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne in San Francisco every year.
  • Drinks, outings and SIGs
    We organise regular drinks, get-togethers, lunches, outings and SIGs. The undisputed highlight is always the Qualogy summer party and the Christmas and Sinterklaas party. Children and partners are more than welcome to attend. During the Qennisdag, colleagues hold presentations and we end the day with a drink and some good food.

Extra benefits for senior consultants
As a senior consultant on the most challenging and fascinating projects for our national and international clients, you will receive a lease car and a fuel card, which can also be used abroad. We want to be able to reach you when you're visiting clients, which is why we also offer excellent phone benefits.

Attractive monthly bonus
Senior consultants have a unique and transparent bonus structure that is paid out on a monthly basis. These bonuses allow you the share Qualogy's profits. You grow alongside the organisation, meaning the longer you work for us, the higher your bonus percentage (up to 50%).

Field management: personal development
We are committed to the personal and professional development of all of our consultants. That's why we offer a comprehensive development plan from the very start. In close consultation with your field manager, you can explore the development areas you want to work on, the training courses you want to take or the certificates you want to obtain. An informal meeting with your field manager will be organised once every six to eight weeks. This meeting also doubles as your performance review. If you need more or less support, all you have to do is ask!