• Job code: QR6182
  • Dev Java

Full Stack Java Developer (Kafka)

For our client in Amsterdam we are looking for a Senior Full Stack Java Developer  
… to hand-build with us a fully fleshed Payment Engine.

The primary focus is on the processes concerning payments and funding. Our biggest challenge is to replace a bunch of legacy applications with a custom made payment system. What we are going to build with your help is a business critical application. This new engine is a key enabler to truly globalize our business and this business drives about 80% of the revenue.
We could need your help in designing and building this new engine and furthermore with mentoring of engineering colleagues. We are a group of individuals who value Agile, self-organization and craftsmanship. We are driven professionals who enjoy shaping the future of this place.
Needed skills & experience
We are looking here for someone with an easy-to-work-with, mature and no-nonsense mentality. Someone who is an open and honest communicator, who values working as part of a team, who has experience as leader of a development team, who is willing and able to coach more junior developers, who is experienced with creating web applications from scratch, who is familiar with upgrading and replacing of existing technology stacks and who is aware of developments and trends in the industry and corporate ecosystem.
On the more technical side you must have 9+ years of relevant experience in full stack development (Enterprise Java and front-end frameworks) and especially must have experience in the following fields:
  • Spring (Spring Boot/Core/IoC, WebMVC, Spring transaction management)
  • Polymer/Webcomponents (or related frameworks)
  • JPA (Hibernate)
  • JavaScript/jQuery knowledge
  • Maven
  • JUnit, Mockito or EasyMock
  • CI tooling: Jenkins, Sonar
  • IDE like Eclipse or IntelliJ
  • Version control:  Git
  • Basic SQL knowledge: writing queries, (outer) joins, simple database modelling to 3rd NF
  • Artifact repositories: Nexus or Artifactory
  • JEE application servers/web containers such as Tomcat/tcServer (preferred), WebSphere, WebLogic or JBoss
  • Basic Linux (bash) scripting capabilities
  • Experience in a complex, corporate environment
  • Track record in building larger corporate systems
  • Next to these must haves, you should have knowledge of the following:
  • Experience in payments/financial systems
  • Issue trackers like JIRA/Trac
  • Collaboration tooling like Confluence
  • Release automation with Ansible or Nolio
  • Test automation tools like Selenium Webdriver, Cucumber, Concordion
  • RDBMS: Oracle 11g, stored procedures
  • HTML, CSS3
  • Functional programming, data stream processing and tools supporting that, such as Apache Kafka and Apache Flink