• Job code: QR6339
  • Dev Database/DWH/BI

SaaS Engineer (SAP)

For our client in Amsterdam we are looking for a SaaS engineer to to manage SAP sourcing application. This application is used by Global Procurement department to support Source-to-Contract process worldwide.

As part of a Squad the SaaS Engineer operationally aligns with a 3rd party to whom IT operations (technical management, hosting, etc.) has outsourced this SaaS application. He/she maintains operational relationship with the 3rd party, collaborates on a daily basis, discusses solutions, helps if and when help is needed, shares relevant information with 3rd party and such. In addition, he/she conducts internal activities such as OCD-related activities, 2nd line support and determination of impact of infra-changes or new/changed standards and policies. 
The SaaS Engineer understands the complete stack from application to hardware. He/she has the same knowledge level as the Ops Engineer. He/she doesn’t execute all the Ops activities him/herself, but instead aligns operationally with 3rd party.
He/she understands the detailed workflow of the application, expected transactional volumes, the detailed technical behaviour of application servers and databases and the importance of maintaining a high security profile, safeguarding the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data and information assets.
He/she performs business analyses activities to be able to liaison between the company and 3rd party. He/she advises the company and 3rd party how to implement new required functionality making use of vanilla features in the application if possible or advises customizations when needed.

Key tasks:
Note: the intensity of the key tasks below depends on the type of contract. Outsourced IT operations f.i. requires more operational alignment than SaaS. 

- Aligns with 3rd party (as operational Business contact) on 3rd party activities, being amongst others:
   - Operating the service/application on a daily basis
   - Monitoring the availability and performance of the services
   - Identifying and resolving problems both as a result of incidents and pro-actively
   - Taking appropriate action after deployments if the application is not working in line with what was expected
   - Draft test scenario’s for (infra) changes
   - Performing Production Acceptance Tests
   - Ensuring that all hardware and software within the system is suitably up-to-date, patched, supportable, secure and current
   - Monitoring that system security complies to standards and policies (incl. outsourcing policies)
- Reports incidents to 3rd party, provides 2nd line support, monitors progress of 3rd line support of  3rd party on high priority incidents and escalates timely to the Service Manager when applicable. In case of incidents on company side (e.g. interfaces, configurations) he may in addition solve the incidents him/herself.
- Acts as Business contact for incidents and provides urgency and impact (priority) to the 3rd party
- Determines the impact of 3rd party changes on company and Infra changes on interfaces with 3rd party application (together with 3rd party) and takes/coordinates appropriate actions
- Aligns with 3rd party on release planning and arranges response, test, communication on new (SaaS) releases and patches, where needed
- Verifies that the configured parts are still adequate after a new release
- Continuously improves the automation of testing within the company
- Collects and registers OCD related evidence material (from company and 3rd parties) and ensures that OCD remains up-to-date
- Determines impact of new/changed company standards and policies Works with 3rd party to implement these changes
- Ensures that the necessary risk related activities are timely performed by his/her team and/or 3rd party
- Assesses certificates (like ISO) and Service Organization Control (SOC)/Audit reports, received from 3rd party, involving 1st Line of Defense Risk and prepares a concluding in control statement to be approved by 1st/2nd Line of Defense Risk and Asset Owner
- Conducts 3rd party site visits/audits, together with Service Manager, if and when appropriate, such to be decided by the Service Manager
- Follows-up Services Requests (if applicable)
- Conducts accurate maintenance of application components in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
- Supports the Service Manager on drafting and regularly updating the contract with 3rd party by specifying acceptance criteria and monitoring developments in the world of risk and security, such including changed regulatory requirements and outsourcing- and security policies
- Informs the Service Manager regarding the operational day-to-day Service Delivery, as input for periodically Service Level meeting with 3rd party