• Job code: QR6587
  • Dev Database/DWH/BI

Data Engineer / Tech Security Engineer

For our client in Amsterdam we are looking for a Data Engineer / Tech Security Engineer.

Job description:
Are you passionate about data and do you have the ability to present this in a way that everyone understands it? Do you want to help engineers and management by showing them the best dashboards? And are you also passionate about IT Security.

As a Data Analyst you will join us driving our security IT roadmap. Some examples of what you will be doing are:
- Connect applications to our data analytics platform via File Transfers or KAFKA topics.
- Create ETL scripts via SQL and Python.
- Architect, build and manage data models.
- Use our Continuous Delivery pipeline to deploy your code.
- Build Graphs and reports for senior management and IT engineers
- Some of the tools/languages/systems you'll use:
  • Python and its data analytics libraries
  • Apache Spark
  • Neo4J
  • S3
  • Linux
  • Apache Superset
  • OpenShift / kubernetes
  • SQL
You have a BS degree or master’s degree in e.g. Mathematics, Informatics, Econometrics, Computer/Data Science, Information Management or Statistics.
You have 3+ years’ experience in data engineering, or other technical discipline.
You are a natural team player who forms relationships based on social skills rather than hierarchical structure. Enhancing the security controls and ultimately make us safer, is a challenge to you.
You embrace the Agile Scrum Way of working.
You are a craftsman and write beautiful code. By using a CD pipeline, code reviews, documentation and playbooks you automate everything to the max.
You listen to feedback and provide feedback to your colleague data engineers to continuously improve ourselves.
You want to continuously improve yourself by studying the latest techniques on the market and are also open to learn about IT Security.

More about our mission:
We provide our management the best insights possible on their IT risks so they can make the best decisions for the company. Secondly we take away as much manual work for our engineers by providing them automatically insights in the IT risks of their applications. En lastly we detect and monitor real-time abnormalities in the security landscape.