• Job code: QR6679
  • Management/Consultancy/Analyse/Coaching

Customer Journey Expert (payments)


For our client we are looking for a Customer Journey Expert (payments).

The Tribe is responsible for easy, reliable and controlled processes for getting a loan and managing your loan. Also the distribution of the loans to lenders and investors (amongst others syndications) is part of the scope. Our clients are spread across 40 countries; we are converging to one way of serving our clients, delivering an uniform client experience across countries.

We have a global mandate to improve products, pricing, processes, documentation and tooling in such a way that internationally operating clients experience as One Bank across the entire network (including Market Leaders and C&G countries) and we have the asset ownership for all IT assets in scope. We are responsible for delivery of services towards our wholesale clients but also deliver services towards domestic banks and internal stakeholders.

Customer Journey Expert 
The Customer Journey Expert (CJE) co-owns end-to-end responsibility for the development, management, harmonisation and phasing out of commercial products and services with a view to achieving an optimum customer experience. The CJE is member of a squad within Agile organisation and works together with other experts to achieve the squad's mission. Ideally the CJE has expertise in the areas of marketing, product management, channel and process optimisation. Can fulfil the role of Product Owner within a squad, what is achieved within a squad and what are the priorities used. Each squad has a single product owner. A CJE is also a member of a Chapter where he or she works on its craftsmanship. In the chapter we will build and extend craftsmanship on Lending products, Customer Journey, Product development and collaboration with third party solutions providers.

As a Customer Journey Expert:
- You build trust and knowledge based relationships with the consumers of our Cashflow services, the Deal Administration (DA) Circle
- Develop an aligned vision on how to automate manual DA processes. Continuously identifying incremental improvements is the attitude we are looking for.
- You build trust and knowledge based relationships with Transaction Services Tribes and Global Bank Treasury colleagues.
- You are a driving force in designing and slicing the new funding request interface between LoanIQ and the money market pricing engine.
- Ideally you have knowledge of and practical experience with payments, SWIFT and RTGS.
- You are a driving force in designing and slicing of our new custom build payment engine for global lending cashflows.
- You are first line support for Cashflow services users, create service tickets, communicate with the users and of course drive the timely resolution of incidents within our responsibility
- You (co-) create and maintain user documentation for our payment, funding and Global Markets DB interfaces.
- You (co-) create and maintain functional documentation for the Cashflow squad.
- You take responsibility for the operability and stability of payment, funding and Global Markets DB interfaces.
- You perform and maintain the automated UAT using Parasoft. Our system users developed a great deal of trust in our automated tests. You build on and grow this trust.  
- You perform regression tests (automated and manual) and be the contact person in the squad for LoanIQ hot fix / upgrade driven regression testing.
- You have hands on experience with all aspects of Loan administration in LoanIQ
- You have good knowledge of the LoanIQ data base and object model.
- You have good SQL knowledge.
- You work very closely with development and operations engineers and feel comfortable in a team of technical engineers.
- You are driven to achieve squad and tribe goals, rather than personal goals.
- You bring well founded and sliced feature requests to QBR and roadmap sessions of surrounding tribes.
- You can quickly build an awareness and map of the organization, in order to identify your stakeholders and in order to build your network of supporting colleagues.
- You take (co-) ownership of the squads backlog and create features/stories/tasks for refinement discussions.

As a Customer Journey Expert you:
- You contribute to the One Agile Way of Working.
- You are an energetic, motivating person who can work as part of a multidisciplinary team and who can also work independently, think and act out of the box and take accountability.
- You ensure compliance with policies and standards.
- You maintain contacts with stakeholders and external parties.
- You stimulate cross-border interaction and alignment between people, Tribes, Squads, Chapters, FO organization and Service organization.
- You give and ask for constructive feedback.

Proven track record and technical skills:
- Master or bachelor degree.
- Minimal 3 -5 years of working experience (depending on the seniority level).
- A personality and the capabilities to optimally function within an Agile environment.
- Experience/affinity with Banking Product Area(s) and/or Lending products and IT is a plus.
- Excellent level of English.

This opportunity is available for candidates that are interested in a temporary assignment as well as for candidates that are looking for a permanent contract.