• Job code: QR7029
  • Dev Database/DWH/BI

Full Stack Data Engineer (Front-end or Back-end) – DETAVAST (Contract to perm)


For our client in Amsterdam we are looking for a Full Stack Data Engineer (Front-end or Back-end) – DETAVAST (Contract to perm).

We believe in using data for good and profit. We are looking to invite a full-stack data engineer to join our growing team. 

Front-end? Back-end? Data? We love it all! We are looking for smart, enthusiastic engineers that are interested in working across a broad range of software challenges. Whether in the front-end enhancing our data visualization dashboard, or the back-end updating our dataset service API, or exploring and on-boarding new datasets into our data pipeline.

This is a unique opportunity to join a growing company doing genuinely exciting things in the big-data space. We offer a calm, collected environment where you can focus doing your best work, with a lot of freedom to manage your time and process.

About You:

- You're ambitious and talented.

- Comfortable with SQL and reasoning about database performance

- Comfortable working in a typed, concurrent back-end language like Golang

- Comfortable managing state in the front-end and balancing trade-offs in the current state of front-end tooling

- Not afraid to work with browser styling and whip-up a slick UI component

- Comfortable reasoning about data and discussing statistical concepts

- Comfortable discussing infrastructure trade-offs and navigating in a Linux environment

Bonus Points:

- Experience with ML at scale including text / image classification and time series forecasting

- Experience with BI tooling

- Statistics, econometrics, or mathematical background

- Experience with a wide range of different data management systems and tooling

About Us:

The department collects exclusive insights about sales and trends from new sources, such as point-of-sale systems, so our clients can make better decisions faster.

Based in the heart of Amsterdam, we are an ambitious international team of engineers, physicists, philosophers, and parents.

Our Philosophy:

- We strongly believe in solving a problem with the simplest solution possible

- We care about performance, scale-ability, and reliability

- We write a lot of tests, mostly integration. We are not afraid to test against the database, network, or file system

- We don't freak out if one function does more than one thing or has side-effects if it makes sense in context

- We favor rolling-our-own tooling where it makes sense

- We are empiricists. We run experiments and measure things

- We are skeptical of buzzwords and hype

- Building the best product in the industry means having a bias towards getting things done, being honest and straightforward, having an eye for detail, and having a good night’s rest

Our (Current) Stack:

- Our front-end is mostly vanilla JavaScript (ES6+) with a thin VueJS layer. 

- Our back-end API is Golang on Debian with PostgreSQL.

- For data wrangling and machine learning we use the python scientific stack - Jupyter, Pandas, Scikit learn, etc.

Why can we offer?

- Remote friendly and flexible work environment with a lot of freedom to manage your work and time

- Located in the city center of Amsterdam. Our office is at TQ in a very cool building with a lot of other interesting tech companies and startups

- We are committed to helping you grow in your career, if you need courses, training, books, or conferences we can help

- Every other Friday we have a "FunFriday" as a day of free experimentation where everyone can work on a project of their choice

- If this sounds exciting, we'd love to hear from you.