• Job code: QR8325
  • Dev Web/Mobile

IT Feature Engineer (web/mobile/CICD)


For our client in Amsterdam we are looking for an IT Feature Engineer (web/mobile/CICD).

The SDKs for Web and Mobile:

The SDKs for Web and Mobile enables users to build a differentiating customer experience by offering unique and proven high quality front-end components and tooling to set up web and mobile apps. By consuming it, users adhere to the Global Visual Identity and software quality standards. It is at the heart of the front-end community.

This is what you will do. Be prepared:

To achieve success and great results you are one with the business. Starting with your feedback and requirement meetings with the user board, you will present them back your updated product plan to contribute to yours and your users’ goals. To deliver the product features, you work with a multi-disciplinary scrum development team. You need your squad’s expertise to work on timeliness delivery of the SDKs for Web and Mobile features.

Your work loops from short to medium term horizon and vice versa. For the medium term, you align with a senior product owner on right value creation by determining valuable and sustainable change on web and mobile standards needed in the future. You determine in time what to initiate up front before the identified value, needs or problem arises.

And that’s not all. So, you will work in an ever-changing environment with dozens of squads and processes. This means that you need to learn quickly, be alert and adapt on reality. Finally, if you want to be the best, you daily pay attention to continuously changing reality. Therefore, you balance the work needed to be done for your product development that has the most business value.

Ultimately, you are driving web and mobile squads and responsible that our squads globally can accelerate and deliver a differentiating user experience to our customers.

Your personal “backpack” should contain:

• A B.S/M.S. degree in Information Technology and good experience in web and mobile software development

• At least 2 years experience in product management within a large-scale Agile organization, with multiple Agile scrum DevOps teams, and well recognized multiple achievements in the delivery of value in IT4IT epics.

• Experience with the creation and implementation of standardized web and mobile frameworks within large companies.

• Excellent communication skills (both verbal and in writing) and storytelling capability in fluent English, clearly articulating the rationale and links to a defined strategy and goals to large groups.

• A team player with ‘we mentality’ and strong organizational and problem (impediment) solving skills.

• Result and delivery-oriented mentality. You take it on and make it happen.

• Eye for the customer journey, customer needs, and outside market developments.

• Legal and risk awareness.

If you tick the bigger part of these boxes, then we are looking for you!