• Job code: QR8423
  • Dev Java

Java Backend Engineer


For our client in Amsterdam we are looking for a Java Backend Engineer.

Why IT Products Area:

• One of the Leading IT Areas with exciting and visionary products

• Believes in Pioneering Missions just like The Mars Mission

• Heading towards Global IT Platform

• Focusing on Best Engineering Practices

• Monthly Tech session and Demos within Products Area

Why Payments (Business domain):

• One of the Most Prominent Tribes within Products Area with 750000+ active customers in NL only

• Internet & Mobile Application using Latest Architectural Trends

• Provides environment which Inspires Engineers to Innovate

• Agile way of working to Empower Engineers to achieve set goals

• Regular Tech-Sessions and Demos to share and enhance technical/ leadership skills

Squad/Team purpose:

• Each squad works for a Specific Business Domain

• Each squad is responsible for Maintaining Specific Microservices related to that domain

• Each squad consists of Dev-Ops Engineers, Customer Journey Experts (CJE) and Product Owner (PO)

• User Experience (UX) Engineers are across squads

Business value to bring as an Engineer:

• Some of APIs are consumed worldwide by other branches

• Part of Complete Digitalisation Journey for products

• Cross functional teams with end-to-end responsibility

• Opportunity to take ownership and grow as lead/architect

• Working with high-load apps with +100 RPS

Few exciting things for engineers to look forward to in Payments Area:

• Easy and fast developer onboarding experience

• Microservices approach to architecture

• Java 8, although some teams use Kotlin

• Latest stacks like Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Elastic Search, Prometheus, Kafka, Swagger etc.

• Azure DevOps for CI/ CD

• In progress with migrating OpenShift cloud

• Industry Best Practices are followed for programming – automate all things, code reviews, etc.

• Cutting edge frontend stack – Web Components and Google’s lit-element

• Well Balanced Diverse Teams with engineers from 15+ Nationalities

• Opportunity to Showcase New or Exciting Technical Skill to other IT engineers and IT management via regularly scheduled Mastery Days

Tech stack:

Developers will be working with Java/Spring applications.

Most of the code is Java 8. Using SQL with Oracle.

Good knowledge of test frameworks such as JUnit is a must. Asure DevOps deployments.

Kibana and Prometheus for monitoring.

There are two projects running:

- First big part of the job is related to migration from previous version of technical connectivity setup to a new one. Modern version called TPA including service Discovery and global platform for connecting APIs.

- The second part is about migrating apps from running on separate server instances to a global cloud environment. That involves working with Azure DevOps deployments.

In Q4 new project is planned to start - a next version of the payment processing application that involves a lot of new functionality and also integration work with variety of consumers.

Some level of our front-end experience is nice addition because there are also certain front-end portfolio: modern web components (lit-element/Polymer) app and AngularJs app that needs to be migrated.