• Job code: QR8604
  • Management/Consultancy/Analyse/Coaching

Feature Engineer


For our client in Amsterdam we are looking for a Feature Engineer.


We are transforming and moving fast towards being an IT company offering the best possible solutions and services in the financial sector to millions of appreciated clients all over the globe.

We are growing our own unique Top Engineering culture with the energy and innovation power of a start-up, we are building an ecosystem for our clients and are ahead in re-inventing our market’s perspective. We are working hard to stay ahead in being a financial innovator. Therefore, we are looking for a Feature Engineer telling us what we should do better and how to keep offering the best services to both our business and private customers.


What’s a Feature Engineer

We want to accelerate the success of our colleagues by delivering (new) capabilities, as enterprise IT services. It’s goal is to support the services that will be offered companywide. As feature engineer you bringing the IT-areas to the next level by driving innovation and standardization across the global functions; To help us realize our goals and ambitions we are looking for an enthusiastic Feature Engineer in this field.


Description of tasks

Refines technical solution directions and technical dependencies drafted in the Epic in coordination with the Business Analyst, the Domain Architect and relevant Squad members, using his/her in-depth IT/application knowledge. 

Safeguard the delivery of complex features, often cross-team/domain/country; herewith maintaining close relationship with (business) counterpart(s) in an international environment.

Identifying which Squads/Teams/specialists to involve in the Agile build cycle.

Help shape the feature roadmap in periodical planning sessions towards Vision, Themes and Epics.

Challenge and advise Product Owners on Feature dependencies and priorities and backlog alignment of individual Squads .


Desired skills

Bachelor or Master Degree in IT (Engineering).

5+ years of experiences in complex IT-integrations to implement End to End changes.

Experience in refining and designing features, At least 5 year technical/solution design knowledge.

Knowledge of IT landscape and technologies; Has profound knowledge of multiple (new). technologies and a holistic view on the IT landscape. Is an outside-in thinker. Oversees technical impact of a chosen solution.

You’ve got experience with the agile way of working.

You can prove that you are constantly pro-active improving your IT knowledge, IT innovation vison and skills. 

Good level of English. Excellent communication and didactical skills to be representative in larger groups;

Very good stakeholder management skills to operate in a complex and global environment.

You are not afraid to operate in the middle of many stakeholders and have a very pro-active attitude.

A pre is knowledge about RFI/RFP processes for SAAS applications, IT consultant in preparing complex software changes, Data processing, Country Roll-outs or HR-software like Workday application knowledge.