• Job code: QR8897
  • Management/Consultancy/Analyse/Coaching

Feature Engineer


For our client in Amsterdam, we are looking for a feature engineer.

Our client is looking for a feature engineer with the capability to set up Product Ownership (and potentially can act as ad interim Product Owner) for the Initiators squad.

This squad exists of subject matter experts and helps other squads and tribes in and beyond to initiate and facilitate new initiatives. We initiate and coordinate discovery until delivery teams are geared up to take over, but often also deliver expert services up until the final end-deliveries of a program.

You share your knowledge, improve team processes continuously and we act as a team on the requested assignments. One of those assignments is to ensure delivery and resolution. You work close with our clients wide program and project management to ensure deliveries so that our client can establish and improve globally their rating models. Furthermore together with your Initiators squad colleagues you could work together to deliver additional similar assignments out of the portfolio of work in the team.

As a Feature Engineer you’re familiar with the latest technologies, architectural guidelines and Agile Way Of Working in order to be able to participate in various discussions and drive the implementation of digitalization within Lending Services and bring the Feature Engineer team to maturity.

Your main focus will be on the following:

• Orchestrating the evolution of a platform across IT chains and domains that consume the platform services in terms of functionals, non-functionals, risk, security, technical debt, migration, roadmaps, etc.;

• Breaking down desired (business) themes into epics and features across multiple platforms, that can be further refined into implementable stories. Defines backlog items to further improve the quality of the platform;

• Reducing complexity and steering towards preventing or reducing technical debt. Improves the quality and consistency, and reduces time-to-market for the platform. Shortens the cycle time from idea to service with impact to consumer;

• Defining realistic and ambitious Implementation Roadmaps and Quarterly Business Review (QBR) items (3 quarters) together with Tribe Leads, Product Owners, IT leads and Squads of the platform;

• Actively guarding security and data integrity in the design, implementation and operation of platforms using standards industry frameworks. Is mandated to define global standards in collaboration with other Architects, Engineers, IT Leads, etc.

• Providing guidance to Engineers, managers and teams/squads for the platform by describing design patterns in Cookbooks together with the engineering discipline. Describes how these best practices can actually be implemented in practice;

• Setting up Product Ownership and potentially act as a.i. Product Owner for the team: to improve Backlog management, value based portfolio management and strategy/roadmapping, professionalizing stakeholder management and - delivery, and contribute to the teams development on AGILE and QBR processes.

We are looking for:

You are an energetic and proactive Feature Engineer with a passion for how to use the right tools and techniques for the Lending environments and a positive, “Do it-Try it-Fix it” mentality. You are a natural team player who forms relationships based on social skills rather than hierarchical structure. You are able to lead teams through complex initiatives, and can help provide proactive leadership with a progressive mindset as well into the squad where needed.

Close cooperation with your fellow Feature Engineers, customer journey experts, architects, management and the DevOps squads is your greatest achievement.

You continuously strive to develop both yourself and your colleagues in the security mind-set.

You are an ambassador for a solid, future proof IT architecture. This role requires emphasis on the following:

• You are able to align with management, architecture and squads to define solutions and roadmaps that are safe, robust and maintainable

• You are inspiring and show energy and passion.

• You have a good feel on how everything works in the international organisation and you understand the underlying spheres of influence.

• You are focused on cross border collaboration: you set aside your own 'ego' in the interests of achieving the best results - you help others to be successful.

Education and background:

• You have a strong track record in coordinating complex initiatives

• Experience in guiding and realising change

• A personality and the capabilities to optimally function within an Agile environment

• Experience/affinity with Wholesale Banking is a pre

• Professional and intellectual IT skills at bachelor or university level, preferably IT Master

• You have a background in IT engineering area, preferably in Agile teams as a DevOps Engineer

• Excellent oral and written command of English

• Product Ownership experience is a pre