• Job code: QR8919
  • Dev Web/Mobile

Flutter Developer

Omgeving Amsterdam

For our client in the surroundings of Amsterdam we are looking for a Flutter Developer.

Being a Developer for Flutter means you are responsible, together with other developers, for the technical aspects of our Flutter applications, and in particular for our 'Lifestyle coach' app.

We are one of the first companies who adopted Flutter for strategic mobile solutions. We adopt modern technologies fast when we see the potential of it for our customers or our company. We developed our Lifestyle coach app in Flutter, and also a few other apps. Flutter is here to stay and you can help us embed this technology even more in our organisation.

As a passionate developer you participate in the ideation of new cool initiatives. You participate in stand-ups and refinements, write code, enforce code quality, develop best practices, write tests, and manage releases. You support product or platform architects when needed, and guide and coach other (junior) developers.

This is in more detail what the job entails and what we value:

You have a clear view on new tools or frameworks, or how changes in the language and new features in the SDK can help improve your product.

You feel adding value to the product is your default mode.

And you ensure this is done using the most efficient and best-working tools and techniques.

Consistent, malleable, well documented and tested code is common sense for you.

But you also know that code is more often read than written.

And that refactoring messy parts of the codebase is a normal part of your day (Boy Scout rule ftw!).

You think about long-term challenges, and ways to improve a large code base with 20 regular contributors.

And lost, but not least you’re an expert in keeping things DRY, Clean and SOLID.

The tech stack

Flutter, Dart, Github and Github Actions, Firebase, bloc (flutter_bloc), get_it, chopper and, swagger_dart_code_generator, mocktail and golden_toolkit