• Job code: QR8935
  • Administration/Beheer/Ops

Senior DevOps Engineer Observability (ELK, ECK)


For our client in the surroundings of Amsterdam, we are looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer Observability (ELK, ECK).

Our client’s Engineering enablement department has a purpose to accelerate the teams worldwide, so they can deliver quality customer value faster and autonomously. They provide this enablement power on technical platforms, Cloud, technical paved roads, and DevSecOps tooling. Examples of great products that they deliver are “Storm” (our cloud framework and platform) and “Beast” (our engineering paved roads). Built with and for our engineering community.

As Elastic Engineer within Engineering Enablement you design, develop and optimize Elastic solutions. From the position you’re the Subject Matter Expert in Elastic and are involved with implementation throughout the organization. This isn’t a mission you take on solo, but as a full-fledged member of the Observability enablement team that is responsible to create the Observability product with the capabilities around Monitoring, Alerting, Logging and Tracing. Following Inner-Sourcing principles, you will work with users and maintainers throughout the whole organization to fit your ideas into the bigger picture. Accelerate our product teams, so they can deliver quality customer value faster and autonomously.

Build our Cloud products, technical platforms, or paved roads with state-of-the-art technology.

You are a specialist in your field and will help decide the best technical architecture and solutions for our complete organization.

Being part of the larger enablement community and helping us get better every day.

Working with an “open-source and build yourself” mentality in a corporate environment: inner-sourcing.

Your ‘shopping list’

- Around 5 years of experience in the Elastic Stack (ELK) or Observability space;

- You have experience with the following Elastic tools: Beats, Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana and X-Pack;

- You have one of the most valuable Elastic certifications or you are willing to go for it;

- You’re able to explain Observability and Logging to our engineering community;

- You want to be an active contributor in our client’s Special Interest Group of Observability;

- You have experience with setting up Elastic Cloud for Kubernetes (ECK) and love to go for the cutting-edge technology;

- Take the Elastic Stack (ELK) management to the next level with IaC/GitOps tooling like ArgoCD or Terraform.

In the end, you are the sparring partner for product teams to improve their Observability and ensure they get insights into their Performance and Availability to quickly diagnose and solve outages.