• Job code: QR8978
  • Administration/Beheer/Ops

SRE Engineer (Azure, CI/CD, OpenShift)


For reinforcement for the SRE Team we are looking for a flexible person having the following Experience:



Azure Kubernetes

Azure DevOps

Azure Pipelines

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Integration

OpenShift 3.x/4.x

(Azure related) Networking and Firewalling experience

Certificates and secrets in the Azure environment


The responsibilities of the SRE team are various, depending on the internal customer. A couple of examples:

  • Rolling out new applications for internal customers to the Openshift 4 environment.
  • Creating new and migrate existing build and release pipelines on the Azure platform.
  • Supporting teams in their migration from virtual machine hosted applications to a fully automated deployment method in immutable Pods on the Openshift 4 environment.
  • Advise customers on how to, and help them with implement(ation of) architectural standards and best practices.
  • Reviewing and standardizing implementation methods and flag potential security issues wherever they occur in the application deployment chain.
  • Incident management where they occur within the migration projects.


Please note that our team is not responsible for maintenance of the OpenShift platform itself. Our team is in this sense a “customer” of the solution provided, hosted and maintained by our client.