• Job code: QR9038
  • Management/Consultancy/Analyse/Coaching

Security Business Analyst


For our client in the surroundings of Amsterdam, we are looking for a Security Business Analyst.

Job Objective

The objective of the job is to facilitate the design of a target operating model (TOM) for operating a Security Bridge service within the organization across our SAP estate.

Day to day responsibilities include:

o Identifying and liaising with the appropriate stakeholders to document the functional and non-functional requirements of the business and usual service.

o Working closely with the vendors and other internal stakeholders to process map the way that functional requirements could be delivered (to be model).

o Identification of appropriate roles and responsibilities aligned to the target to be model.

o Design of the service level agreements based upon the desired to be model.

o Facilitation with internal stakeholders to ensure that the to be model is reviewed via the appropriate teams and governance groups.

Key Result Area’s / Goals

1. Initial Facilitation Activities

Identifying and working with Stakeholders

● Consulting with the business and external stakeholders to identify a service implementation working group

● Design of a pragmatic working approach for the facilitation of a design for the new target operating model (TOM) Metrics:

● Working Group establishment

● Producing a slide deck that outlines how the TOM will be designed

2. Analyzing the requirements and ownership for the new service

Analyze the functional and non-functional requirements for the implementation of the TOM

● Analyzing the capabilities of Security Bridge and assessing how they map to functional and non-functional requirements of the service

● Ensuring that the correct stakeholders are involved in reviewing the requirements for the TOM

● Proposing an owning team / function for the new service Metrics:

● Functional and Non-Functional Requirements for the TOM

● TOM Stakeholder Map

● Service and Business Ownership Proposal

3. Process Mapping and Service Design Implementation

Active facilitation of the process flows and service design for the new TOM

● Design process flows to demonstrate how functional and non-functional requirements will be delivered in the new TOM

● Design the proposed roles and responsibilities matrix

● Design the service level agreements for the TOM

● Review and assessment of the requirements for formal service transition for the new service including a full RACI

● Assisting with Service Transition delivery Metrics:

● Service Process Flows

● Stated roles and responsibilities

● Stated SLA’s

● Service transition deliverables matrix

● Service transition into BAU


• Performs complex analysis / advice

• Works independently

• Advanced Business Analyst skills (Skills Grid)

• Ability to change behaviour of key stakeholders

• Focused mainly on advising / interaction with teams – bringing ideas together

• Responsible for analysis and advice to tactically and strategic (Director / VP up) focused Business teams

• 7-10+ years of relevant experience