Working Project-based at our clients!

Qualogy Resources provides challenging temporary jobs for experienced software developers, IT-professionals and IT-consultants.

Marloes van der Spek

As a resourcer, I am always searching for solid IT professionals with the goal of providing them with a suitable assignments for our own clients. I keep close contact with our (potential) candidates and talk to them on a regular basis. I also support them in writing good motivations and resumes and guide them during the customer onboarding.

I help improve our internal processes and maintain our contracts, I arrange the security screenings and discuss the needs of the client concerning resources.. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

  • 070-3195019
  • Marloes van der Spek
Renée Kroon

I am part of the resourcing team, Salesforce administrator and ISO auditor. I also help process client assignments, screen resumes and maintain contact with our specialists and partners. I am responsible for maintaining our ISO 9001 certificate CRM system.

I am driven by professionalism and an actual concern for the satisfaction of our professionals and clients. I coach professionals, work on improving the quality of our processes and to keep our environment dynamic. I take great satisfaction in a job well done!  Would you like more information concerning an assignment or have any other questions? Contact me!

  • 070-3195012
  • Renée Kroon
Bart van der Ende

As a part-timer, I support Marloes and Renee in their work. Among other things, I help process Code of Conduct applications and candidate information, and draw up contracts. I do this with great pleasure. I get energy from environments that radiate passion, enthusiasm and professionalism. I find all of this in my work at Qualogy Resources.

We are constantly looking for quality IT specialists. Please let me know if you would like to receive more information.

  • Bart van der Ende