Working Project-based at our clients!

Qualogy Resources provides challenging temporary jobs for experienced software developers, IT-professionals and IT-consultants.

Marloes van der Spek

As a resourcer, I am always searching for solid IT professionals with the goal of providing them with a suitable assignments for our own clients. I keep close contact with our (potential) candidates and talk to them on a regular basis. I also support them in writing good motivations and resumes and guide them during the customer onboarding.

I help improve our internal processes and maintain our contracts, I arrange the security screenings and discuss the needs of the client concerning resources.. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

  • 070-3195019
  • Marloes van der Spek
Renée Kroon

I am part of the resourcing team, Salesforce administrator and ISO auditor. I also help process client assignments, screen resumes and maintain contact with our specialists and partners. I am responsible for maintaining our ISO 9001 certificate CRM system.

I am driven by professionalism and an actual concern for the satisfaction of our professionals and clients. I coach professionals, work on improving the quality of our processes and to keep our environment dynamic. I take great satisfaction in a job well done!  Would you like more information concerning an assignment or have any other questions? Contact me!

  • 070-3195012
  • Renée Kroon
Jette van der Heijdt

I joined the resource tam in May of 2017. I support you, as an IT specialist, before, during and after the assignment. I help you plan for the pre-intake (the conversation between you and one of our account managers) so you are well prepared for a conversation with the customer. Once accepted by the customer, we ensure that all of the required paperwork is in order and that the final contract can be signed. My goal is to offer you a challenging job in a pleasant working environment!

  • 070-3195029
  • Jette van der Heijdt