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Knowledge areas

Qualogy is an expert in various knowledge areas. You can expect to be invited to knowledge-sharing events about the following, for example:

•    Oracle database development: SQL, PL/SQL, JSON
•    Development with Open Source: Kotlin, Docker, Jenkins 
•    Digital Assistants using Machine Learning
•    Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana
•    Azure and Oracle Cloud developments
•    APEX developments, tips and tricks
•    Java full-stack development
•    Mendix
•    Data Science
•    Front-end Development
•    Management issues related to applications and databases in the Cloud (Azure/Oracle) and on-premises

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About Qualogy

It’s in our name: we deliver Quality in Information Technology. Our IT professionals are dedicated professionals serving our broad client base. Banks, Ministries, insurance companies, municipalities and many more use our expertise on a daily basis. We understand our responsibility. Which is why we invest strongly in our knowledge of existing and new technologies. And are happy to share that knowledge with others – internally with our colleagues and with you. Because only by developing ourselves and with others can we continue to offer the same high level of service. Discover more about Qualogy and our services.