Aleksandra: “Happy with my choice to move to the Netherlands”

Aleksandra: “Happy with my choice to move to the Netherlands”

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Aleksandra Stevanoviç looked beyond the borders of her homeland Serbia when searching for a pleasant living and working environment. Her search ended in the Netherlands, at Qualogy. She moved from Novi Sad to Leidschendam in April 2021. Aleksandra: "My colleagues at Qualogy ask me if my work makes me happy. I’ve never experienced that kind of involvement before."

Aleksandra works as an Integration Specialist and is part of the Middleware team at A.S. Watson in Renswoude. There, she fulfills the role of UAT Coordinator and Release Manager.

Experience abroad

Aleksandra grew up in Serbia and studied Information Technology in Novi Sad, a real IT city. Aleksandra: “During my bachelor studies, I lived abroad for the first time: a full academic year in Spain. It was a valuable experience that really opened my eyes. I remember thinking: this is what it's like to live and study in another country. Amazing! I returned to Novi Sad for my master's degree and quickly found a job with a company with many international clients. During a client visit, I set foot on Dutch soil for the first time. I was immediately sold.”

Emigrating to the Netherlands

After three years, Aleksandra changed course. She explains: “The current situation in Serbia is not ideal. My husband and I wanted to live in a place where we can live quietly and in peace. I decided to do some research. What is the social status of different countries in Europe? What is the social life like? We were also looking for a place with good facilities for dogs, because we have one. We quickly settled on the Netherlands.”

Work visa thanks to Qualogy

Because Serbia is not an EU country, working in the Netherlands was not a given for Aleksandra. “Once we had set our sights on the Netherlands, our job search started. I saw an interesting vacancy at Qualogy. After my application, things moved very quickly. I got the job and the Qualogy team helped me a lot with the application for my work visa. I barely had to arrange anything myself. One visit to the Dutch embassy was enough.”

Genuine interest

Meanwhile, Aleksandra has been living and working in the Netherlands for about four months. And she feels quite at home at Qualogy. What stands out to her the most in comparison to the Serbian culture? “The genuine interest in each other struck me first. Colleagues ask if I’m comfortable and if I like my work. Everyone is also very helpful, so I quickly got used to the new (work) culture. In Serbia, I also had a great relationship with my colleagues – some of them were even friends. However, my supervisors did not worry about how I felt about the work that I was doing on a daily basis.”

Working together

Aleksandra: “Another big difference from working in Serbia is the relaxed and open atmosphere at Qualogy. I now know that there is always a solution for everything. If there is a problem, we solve it together. That's a comforting thought. At Qualogy, you are also encouraged to share your knowledge with each other and work together. And I have found that this friendly and relaxed attitude is also reflected in the Dutch social life.”

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