Anniversary edition APEX World: Menno provides a preview

Anniversary edition APEX World: Menno provides a preview

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A special milestone: APEX World celebrates its 10th anniversary on the 25th and 26th of May, 2019. Qualogy will be attending again this year, at the biggest two-day APEX conference on the SS Rotterdam. Colleague and Oracle ACE Menno Hoogendijk provides us with a preview. He will tell you about the program and his own presentations during the event.

To Menno Hoogendijk, APEX World is an opportunity to discover what others are working on and what the future will bring. According to him, the visitor can expect another varied program this year, catered to a broad audience.

Menno: “Developers, companies, and students: there are plenty of options for everyone. Often, there are 3 to 4 sessions at the same time. Of course, 2019 is a unique edition because of the anniversary. A new program item is the customer success stories. There will be also be a special business seminar about the future of APEX.”

Special: first 3D presentation about APEX

Menno recommends Dimitri Gielis’ presentation about virtual and augmented reality. “This fun and interactive presentation was recently awarded. It is the first 3D presentation about APEX. Attendees will all get Google Cardboard VR glasses to be able to follow the session.”

Absolute masters in SQL and PL/SQL

Chris Saxon and Connor McDonald will also attend multiple sessions. “They are absolute masters in SQL and PL/SQL. They are therefore part of Oracle’s AskTOM team.

Furthermore, Menno looks forward to Philipp Salvisberg’s presentation: MLE – Java, JavaScript, Python or PL/SQL in the Database? “I would also like to attend Colm Divilly’s presentation: The Next 10 Years of the Web. I hope to learn a lot about both subjects.”

A sneak preview…

Menno himself will give 2 presentations this year. He has already given both, in-house at Qualogy, and for customers.

  1. Demystifying OAuth: a standard for authorization
    In this session, Menno will explain the OAuth protocol. He wants to make this complicated subject as easy as possible. What it is, why it is so popular and how to use it? There are also Social Authentication and OpenID, how do they fit in the bigger picture?
  2. Complete email integration in APEX
    In this session, Menno will show how to build very advanced solutions in APEX. It probably hasn’t been done before: deploy an APEX application as an email client for end users. A technical combination of APEX with a few different technologies like IMAP, Java, NodeJS, REST and JavaScript.

Stay up-to-date

APEX World 2019: want to be there? Visit nlOUG’s website for more information. After the event in March, Menno will catch you up on Qualogy’s website about the highlights of APEX World, and he will look back on his presentations.

Menno Hoogendijk
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