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December 14 Qualogy’s Rokesh Jankie will talk on ‘TensorFlow: a game changer in building ‘intelligent’-applications’ at ‘The Amsterdam Pipeline Factory of Data Science’.

What's your talk about during the event?

Rokesh: “I’m going to talk about TensorFlow. It was released almost a year ago. Since then there was a lot of news on the topic. Although it’s very powerful, for most developers it can be a bridge too far. My session is about what TensorFlow is, what the concepts are and how to start applying it for yourself. Some coding will be done and use cases and implementations will be shown.”

Why TensorFlow?

Rokesh: “I believe TensorFlow is going to be a game changer. It’s all about machine learning, mostly using neural networks. I want to show people attending my session what TensorFlow can bring and how to get started. It might feel quite complex but hopefully I can plant the seed that will help people to start using TensorFlow. TensorFlow currently runs ‘locally’ on your hardware. Cloud ML which was released a few weeks ago (in beta) will make it possible to run TensorFlow on GCP. Imagine the power you would have then!”

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