Automated processing Wmo and Jeugdarrangementen saves considerable time

Automated processing Wmo and Jeugdarrangementen saves considerable time

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Qualogy’s Mark Tolhuisen has worked as a project leader for the municipality of Rotterdam since 2017. He is one of the project leaders of the program Doorontwikkeling Informatie Management (DIM). This program replaces the various front office systems of Rotterdam’s municipal counters with one new front office system: GIDSO. All counters will be working with this system according to one uniform process. This will mean a big administrative and time gain.

The DIM program started early 2017 with several subprojects, where, for the build of the new front office system, a European tender was completed. The company Topicus from Enschede won this tender.

New policy

Mark: “The tender process had just begun when I started working for the municipality. Topicus hadn’t been chosen yet as GIDSO’s supplier. From January 1, 2018, the municipality had to deal with a new policy and implementation of arrangements for adults and youth. Because GIDSO would not yet be operational on January 1, 2018, a parallel development was put in motion for the online Arrangementenmodule.”

Project leader Arrangementenmodule

Mark became project leader of the subproject. He says: “The Arrangementenmodule had to go live on January 1, 2018. Every front office counter in the municipality of Rotterdam had to work with this. The module went live for Wmo and Jeugdarrangementen on December, 2017. Because a direct XML link with the back office system was included in the project, the processing time of an Arrangement was brought back from 2 weeks to 2 minutes.”

Follow-up order

In 2018, a start was made to organize the new front office system GIDSO. “The Arrangementenmodule worked well, and has since then expanded with the help of my teams in Rotterdam and Den Haag. On October 1, 2018, the Arrangementenmodule fell under the management of the department Functioneel Beheer. A new follow-up order was ready: integrating the Arrangementenmodule into the new GIDSO.”

Stakeholder management

“Using good stakeholder management, I maintain relationships with all interested parties. Within the environment of Rotterdam, there are a lot of stakeholders to take into account. It is a politically sensitive project, with a lot of higher level decisions. During work, I constantly take all of this into consideration.”

Politics and other skills

“Besides environment sensitivity, other skills I employ are: project management, communication, negotiating, planning, delegating, and – if there really is no other way – escalating.”


“As a project leader, I am held accountable for money, time, quality and risks in multiple meetings. There are weekly meetings. In addition, there are triangular meetings and a monthly steering group meeting. I am also a product owner for my teams in Rotterdam, Enschede and Den Haag. I determine and prioritize their backlog. And during every sprint, I will hold a refinement, planning, and demo session.”

Close to citizens

Mark enjoys working for the municipality of Rotterdam. “The location is perfect and the workspace is sublime. I have nice colleagues and I enjoy the commotion of the business. The best thing about this assignment is the project’s social character. You are close to the citizens. It’s satisfying to work on something and then see it take effect.”

An old acquaintance

Mark: “Ten years ago, I worked on an assignment for the municipality of Rotterdam with the department of public affairs. A lot of digital forms were designed, built, tested and implemented for that project. People from Rotterdam can – still – manage their own affairs with these forms, such as a move, their dog tax, or a parking permit. I am proud that these forms are still in use today.”

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