Autonomous Database-event with Maria Colgan: preview Patrick Barel

Autonomous Database-event with Maria Colgan: preview Patrick Barel

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On Tuesday April 2nd, Qualogy will organise a special ‘Autonomous Database’ event with Oracle’s Master Product Manager Maria Colgan. This event will be offered for free to our relations, in honor of Qualogy’s 20th anniversary. Qualogy’s Patrick Barel, Oracle ACE and Senior PL/SQL Developer, knows Maria and will provide a preview of the event.

What is the Autonomous Database?

“The Autonomous Database is an Oracle service. It is the combination of an Exadata machine with an Oracle 18c database in the Oracle Cloud. The Autonomous Database will take over dull and monotonous cases from the DBA. Like keeping an eye on back-ups, processing updates, and checking on tablespaces.

Companies have to maintain more and more data and databases. Because the Autonomous Database takes care of the DBA’s work, the DBA can spend their time on more fun topics. Like creating data models to save data and also to unlock them again.”

Relevant for DBAs and developers

“The event is in the first place relevant for DBAs. The Autonomous Database will make their work a lot more interesting. But developers will also be able to enjoy Maria’s presentations.”

Oracle's Maria Colgan

“Maria Colgan is among other things responsible for bringing new Oracle 18 and 19 database functionalities to the attention. With her energetic and enthusiastic presentations, she is well liked at conferences. Her presentations are always clear, and she is open for questions from the audience.”

About the Autonomous Database-event

What can we expect of Autonomous Database? What is the DBA’s rol in an autonomous world? This will all be addressed during Maria’s presentations. The event is divided into three programme components:

  • Presentation ‘The future is autonomous’: an overview of the Autonomous Database and what to expect.
  • Presentation ‘Test driving automatic indexing’.
  • Presentation ‘The role of the DBA in an autonomous world’.

If there is enough time, Maria will also hold an ‘explain the explain plan’ session.

More information?

Qualogy has the expertise needed to help customers with questions about Oracle’s Autonomous Database, and its implementation. Qualogy also helps customers in deciding which databases can be brought to the cloud. For more information, contact us via or 070 319 5000.

Patrick Barel
About the author Patrick Barel

Patrick studied Telematics and has worked as a full-time Oracle Developer since 1999. After his study, he followed several PL/SQL courses, including seminars by Steven Feuerstein. He also completed Oracle's OCA and OCP programme in the field of SQL and PL/SQL. Besides working with SQL and PL/SQL, he wrote different plug-ins for PL/SQL Developer ( Patrick als publishes articles on his own blog ( In 2011, Patrick was appointed Oracle ACE for his contribution to the field of SQL and PL/SQL. In 2015, Patrick was awarded the Developer Choice Award. In 2019, Patrick was appointed Oracle ACE Director for his contributions to the Oracle community.

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