Colleague Ahmed Al-Jazaeery is Mendix Expert

Colleague Ahmed Al-Jazaeery is Mendix Expert

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Qualogy is proud of colleague Ahmed Al-Jazaeery. Yesterday, he received the coveted Mendix Expert certificate: the highest attainable certification for a Mendix Business Engineer. Besides extensive knowledge about the low-code platform, Ahmed proves he has the skill to lead project teams.

Ahmed is Qualogy’s third Mendix Expert. An amazing achievement. In just one year, the team has grown to three Mendix Experts and four Advanced Developers.

Ahmed: “I am grateful to Qualogy and my client, the municipality of Rotterdam, for the opportunities to further develop myself. Qualogy shows that it has all the in-house knowledge to train Mendix Business Engineers well.”

The Mendix certification program

You don’t become a Mendix Expert overnight. The certification program consists of three parts. The Rapid Developer exam tests your knowledge of the basic Mendix principles. The Advanced Developer exam is a practical assignment, which allows you to demonstrate your advanced knowledge and skills. Only then can you apply for the Expert certification.

Ahmed: “I sent my portfolio with a project description, customer reference, and motivation to Mendix for the Expert certificate. For the use case, I chose the postal code search tool I developed for the municipality of Rotterdam. This application is a central point for all other applications that do something with postal codes, and it makes postal codes in postal code ranges functionally manageable for municipal offices.”

More information

For more information about our Mendix services, customer stories and career opportunities, visit our services page.

“Qualogy shows that it has all the knowledge in house to train Mendix Business Engineers well.” Ahmed Al-Jazaeery
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