Customer story: Maxxton prefers ODA to Exadata

Customer story: Maxxton prefers ODA to Exadata

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Maxxton is a leading provider of SaaS solutions in the hospitality sector. Their databases used to operate on an Oracle Exadata. After a temporary outage in 2018, it became clear that an update was necessary. Maxxton now works on four ODAs (Oracle Database Appliance). Qualogy for Support supervised the switch and manages the ODAs.

From its head office in Middelburg, Maxxton works in three continents. Many well-known holiday parks, resorts and providers of holiday homes manage their reservations through Maxxton’s flexible cloud-based platform. Annually, more than a million reservations are being efficiently managed for Maxxton’s customers with this ERP solution.

Choosing ODA, or maybe not?

The question that followed was this: an Exadata or an ODA? Maxxton CTO Rob Sonke: “Six years ago, we chose an Exadata. ODAs weren’t technically strong enough back then. Together with Qualogy, we delved into the subject. The outcome is: nowadays, ODA is strong and fast enough for our wish list.

To make sure that ODA suffices, we first placed one ODA loan device. “We tried out our application, and it was asuccess,” according to the CTO. As an existing managing party, Qualogy for Support was asked to take care of the entire migration and implementation of the ODAs. The four ODAs were purchased via Qualogy. They were placed in datacenter Equinix in Amsterdam. Rob Sonke: “Qualogy is partners with Equinix. In that capacity, I had already visited them. It was well looked after. With Equinix, we’re making sure that the databases within Equinix are on two different places. That will solve the cause of the first incident.”

We’re better protected against outages now that our ODAs are with Equinix. Rob Sonke - CTO Maxxton

Guaranteeing high availability

Since the end of 2017, Qualogy for Support has managed Maxxton’s Oracle Databases. After the cooperation with the previous managing party ended, Qualogy came into the picture. A conscious decision from Rob Sonke: “I was looking for a reliable Oracle party in the Netherlands. Not too small, but certainly not too big. I like personal, one-on-one contact. That’s how we landed on Qualogy for management.”

In June, 2018, it went wrong: because of a temporary outage, customers could only partially process their reservations. Rob: “Of course, this caused for the necessary stress, especially at the beginning of the high season. Together with Qualogy, we looked at the possible causeand solution. Turns out both our Exadata machines were pretty outdated. And they were both in one physical spot. With an outage, everything went offline. The solution: buying different machines and dividing them between two locations.”

An enjoyable cooperation

The migration and implementation at Maxxton is almostcomplete. The cooperation is pleasant for both sides. “Qualogy’s advice was right. It’s partly due to this that we made the switch to ODAs. The cooperation afterwards was equally pleasant. We first wanted to switch everything in one weekend. But this could have caused unnecessary stress for our customers. That’s why we transferred
everything in individual stages. Because of this, our system was barely offline.”

“It asked for quite some flexibility of all parties. But we solved it together. Especially the cooperation with our regular Qualogy engineer Satya Kotapati was pleasant. The migration was a process where we worked practically and a lot one-on-one. When I asked something, it was quickly arranged without needing to contact a lot of people. That’s how we switched everything in six months, and how we are now completely future proof!”

Satya Kotapati

At Qualogy, Satya Kotapati was closely involved with the installation and implementation of the ODAs. Satya: “It was a fun project, where I worked a lot with my colleague Hans Neervoort. The coordination with Maxxton went well. CTO Rob Sonke was very involved in the project.”

“We connected regularly via Skype or by phone. This allowed me to quickly proceed to the next step. I like that way of working. We work in short waves. Which means that the system is only occasionally offline for a short amount of time.”

About Maxxton

For more than twenty years, Maxxton has been the leading software provider for the recreational accommodation industry. Since its creation in 1998, Maxxton has grown to an organization that operates on three continents. They have, among others, holiday parks, resorts, holiday homes and serviced apartments as their customers. Their head office is in Middelburg. The other offices are -in India, Great Britain and the United States.

The Maxxton Software total solution is the software system for holiday parks, camping sites and holiday homes. Annually, more than a million reservations are processed through the cloud-based platform. The online platform offers features for simplifying the everyday activities.

Together with Qualogy, we chose to switch to ODAs. Rob Sonke - CTO Maxxton
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