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Pizza, beer and techtalk!

Do you have a fascination for data: Big Data, Modeling, Engineering, Statistics and Visualization? Do you work as Data Scientist, do you follow a data-oriented study or do you want to make data your profession? 

Or are you just interested in data, applications and technologies? Sign up for the informal Data Science Meetup The Hague / Rijswijk, organized by the Qualogy Data Science Team.

The aim of the Meetup is:

- Eat pizza
- Drink beer or coke
- Share technological knowledge, insights and information
- Make new contacts

What are we going to talk about during the meetup? For example: Open Source, Python , Hadoop, Big Data, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Data Modeling, Deep Learning and Data Science using Python.

Interested? Look at the Meetup page for more information, contact and registration options

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