Expanding my low-code knowledge as a Mendix Consultant at Qualogy

Expanding my low-code knowledge as a Mendix Consultant

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Since January, I’ve been working as a Mendix Consultant at Qualogy. After completing my degree in Business IT & Management, I had to make a choice: a career in business or IT? With Mendix, I get the best of both worlds. In this blog, I’d like to tell you more about why I chose Mendix, and why the platform has become so popular.

One of my colleagues at my graduate internship told me he was going to work at Mendix. I was curious, investigated, and concluded: the Mendix platform could be something for me. After graduating, I did a Traineeship at the Trainee Factory, where I learned a lot about the platform in a short amount of time.

My former colleague Rawi Bodha connected me with Qualogy. After just a few conversations, I knew. This is a match. The ‘Qualogy culture’ is a good fit for me. The colleagues were warm and friendly, and the work ethic is great.

What is Mendix?

Mendix is a low-code platform, based on Java, where you can very quickly develop (custom) business applications. The platform has become very popular because of the easy-to-learn basic skills, speed and flexibility. Technically, you don’t have to have any experience with programming. You just need to understand the platform’s software. And Mendix’s software is relatively easy.

It’s about logic. Everything is visually oriented in Mendix. This enables every person concerned to be involved in the development process.

Why Mendix?

Organizations want to automate their business processes more frequently. Mendix’s short development times makes the platform well-suited and well-loved. There is also a demand for replacing and/or linking different systems to increase their efficiency. Mendix can be a powerful link between multiple systems. And it’s flexible when you want to make changes in the setup.

Developing a (custom) business application in Mendix is up to six times faster than a traditional programming language.

The development process

Developing a Mendix application is like building a house: you need to have a good foundation first. What should the application do? Which data must be used? When the foundation is there, you can work on a minimum viable product. Then it’s time for UI/UX, extra functionalities and ‘nice to haves’.

We use Scrum methods when developing applications in Mendix. After every completed project, there are often a few refinements and finishing touches.


Mendix's advantages

Mendix has a lot of advantages. To name a few:

  • Short development time: easy applications are achievable within a few weeks. 
  • Changes: can be implemented quickly.
  • An active Mendix community: do you have a question or problem? Response time is very short.
  • Easy to learn: you don't need any programming experience. 
  • Processes have a short lead time: thanks to pre-engined widgets, styling, and in-house facilities. 
  • Customized work: custom functionalities can be added using JavaScript. 

The importance of experience

Mendix Developers are free to choose how they build or model logic. This means there are many ways to realize an application, which could have consequences for the quality. If a project is very complex, it can be harder to retroactively improve applications. Depending on the Mendix Developer’s skills, the quality also varies.

That’s why, at Qualogy, we focus on sharing our knowledge with SIGs and one-day Mendix workshops. As for me, I’ve been improving my JavaScript skills by attending a Udemy course, so I can better understand how widgets work and even build them myself.

The many roles of a Mendix Consultant

Aside from building business applications, as a Mendix Consultant at Qualogy you can also be deployed as a: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Engineer / Developer, Architect and Technical Lead. This keeps your work dynamic and interesting.


Have I piqued your interest? Qualogy is still looking for Mendix colleagues. Take a look at the vacancy or contact us for a workshop.

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