Gaining practical experience: Data Science intern Victor Neuteboom looks back

Gaining practical experience: Data Science intern Victor Neuteboom looks back

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At the end of August, our Data Science intern Victor Neuteboom successfully completed his internship. Now, he’s going to start his master Computer Science & Advanced Data Analytics at the University Leiden. In this blog, he looks back on his time with Qualogy.

Before I started my internship at Qualogy, I finished my bachelor's degree Computer Science. Because the course was mostly focused on theory, I hoped to gain practical experience during this internship. Did I succeed? Absolutely!

Sport & data science

For my bachelor, I wrote a thesis on data science and sport. Qualogy had multiple projects running in this area. I could join those immediately.

I also worked on a project for the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB), within the Data Science team at Qualogy. For this project, Qualogy is developing a system that runs real time data-analyses during soccer matches.

Gaining experience with different technologies

I got to work on all the aspects of this project. In the first half of the internship, the focus was on improving the system’s existing code. This was a great opportunity to discover all the system’s features, and gain experience with different technologies: Python, JavaScript and Kafka amongst others.

In the second half of the internship, we set up the test environment to guarantee the quality of the code. It was important to implement different tests (unit tests, integration tests and system tests). I also put the system in Docker containers, so it works exactly the same on every computer.

In practice

During my internship, I had a lot of space to work independently on a real project. In the meantime, I was really a part of the data science team, and I worked with them according to the Scrum method. Because of the open atmosphere at Qualogy, I often got to attend meetings. This meant I knew the basics of every project. It definitely gave me a good idea of what Data Science looks in practice. It’s given me a lot of new insights.

A good example of Qualogy’s open atmosphere is the invitation for Qualogy’s customer day at the KVNB campus. There, I could see the product in real life, and enjoy an extensive dinner with a concluding drink. That’s when I really got a sense of the assignment and Qualogy.

And now…

What I’ll take with me to the future is mostly experience. By really being a part of the data science team, I gained experience on multiple fields: from working in projects to building a data pipeline in Python, to installing a Kafka system.

In short: my internship at Qualogy was an incredibly fun and educational. I would definitely recommend my fellow students to do an internship and get a good picture of what the practice looks like.

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