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As an HCM consultant, I help clients get the most out of their HR processes. The goal: happy clients for years to come. Part of my job involves organizing workshops for colleagues and external parties, like the Candidate & Employee Experience workshop.

I've been working as an Oracle pre-sales and HCM consultant at Qualogy for the past four years. In this position I organize workshops about Oracle HCM products like Fusion HCM, Taleo Enterprise Edition and Taleo Business Edition. I also hold workshops about the new functionalities in the latest version of Fusion HCM and organize meetings to demonstrate products to potential clients.

Candidate & Employee Experience

On the 8th of June I'll be hosting another Candidate & Employee Experience workshop at Qualogy. During this three-hour workshop, we'll be working on an issue in small groups. We'll examine the experiences of the candidates and the employees in a fictitious organization from the perspective of recruitment, training and throughflow.

You may already be familiar with Oracle's CXJM workshops (Customer Experience Journey Mapping), which is a successful method to improve customer experience. EXJM helps participants optimize the candidate & employee experience within an organization.

How does it work?

Each group examines how employees experience certain processes. What feelings does it evoke? How can an organization improve its employee experience? After this workshop, participants can apply the skills in their own organization and host their own workshops.

The workshop is interesting for innovative HR business partners and management members, especially if they're involved in organizational development, talent acquisition, coaching and management. Qualogy organizes at least one workshop per quarter. These are very informal and generally consist of small groups of participants.

The tools for improvements

Previous participants have been extremely positive about the workshops. Especially the speed with which they gained new insights. The workshop Candidate & Employee Experience offers new ways of approaching your colleagues and their experience with the organization. It also provides practical tools to make future improvements. That's something I'm happy to contribute to.

Workshop: sign in

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More info

Would you like to know more about the method of this workshop? Read the English blog of the HCM Strategy Director of Oracle.

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