Hack your next holiday: QChallenge hackathon day 1

Hack your next holiday: QChallenge hackathon day 1

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This morning, 40 students checked in for Qualogy’s 48-hour QChallenge hackathon at Startup Village, Science Park Amsterdam. The students compete in teams to solve a real-life business challenge by using data science. Qualogy has chosen the Neurodiversity Foundation as its partner for the hackathon. 

The Neurodiversity Foundation bridges the gap between Neurodivergents and Neurotypicals. They do research to create the best solutions for equal opportunities for persons on the spectrum.

What's in it for the students?

The QChallenge provides students with loads of practical experience and the opportunity to socialize and network with people. The team with the best solution wins a free trip to their favorite European destination. 

The challenge

Tjerk Feitsma – CEO Neurodiversity Foundation – presented the following challenge to the students:

Can we determine which data features from sensors placed on smartphones, smartwatches and smart glasses are suitable to identify a state of being?

The QChallenge is organised by three parties: Qualogy, Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) and the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE). These parties are joining forces for this unique event! Ahold has sponsored the hackathon. 

Qualogy has spent the past 20 years developing smart solutions that lead to faster and more efficient work methods. Qualogy combines standard software and proven technologies like Oracle and Java with the latest technological insights in the field of data science, cloud computing, machine learning and IoT.  

Amsterdam Data Science accelerates research in the field of data science and artificial intelligence by sharing and connecting world-class technology, expertise and talent from Amsterdam on a regional, national and international level. 

Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship supports students, academics and tech professionals interested in starting or expanding their company by offering training courses, coaching and introductions to an extensive network of market leaders, business professionals, investors and service providers.

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