Hasso Schaap is looking forward to Tech Experience 2018

Hasso Schaap is looking forward to Tech Experience 2018

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The second edition of Tech Experience will be held on June 7-8 at the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort. This is the only event that covers the entire Oracle Technology Stack. Four Qualogy colleagues were invited to the conference as guest speakers, including Hasso Schaap. What does he expect?

Hasso expects many of the technical subjects related to Oracle Cloud. "Perhaps even moreso than last year. Something I notice is that the theme 'The Cloud is Next' is strongly represented this year. In my opinion rightly so. In this day and age we really can't avoid the cloud. It is therefore important for you to explore the new possibilities that cloud solutions have to offer. I have seen Oracle Cloud grow over the last 4 years and that growth isn't stopping anytime soon."

Continuity, freedom and flexibility

Hasso notices that the event is especially focused on technology we are familiar with through from Middleware and Database. "This relates to the Oracle Platform as a Service of Oracle Cloud Platform. It is to be expected that nearly every piece of Oracle technology with get a Cloud based variant. This way continuity can be offered together with freedom and flexibility. A big change in many an Oracle implementation."

Low-code and No-code

Hasso is very interested in everything that has to do with Data Platform Services, Integration and Analytics. "But since I've been working for Qualogy, I can't help but look beyond to the developments in all other Platform subjects. For instance, I am very interested in Low-code and No-code developments. I am very exited to see what Tech Experience will bring."


According to Hasso the Tech Experience is expecially interesting for those who use Oracle technology or want to: Users, developers analists or architects. "I don't it is possible to stop the self-service movement. More and more people get 'empowered' to use platforms like those of Oracle."

Hasso's sessions

Hasso will be leading 2 sessions during the Tech Experience. The first will be focusing on Hybrid Cloud Analytics in Dutch data centers. "Oracle has a strong 'Cloud Data center' presence in Amsterdam. This region is very well positioned as home base for the use of Oracle Cloud Services on the European continent. The subject of this sessions will be the infrastructural aspect of Hybrid Cloud Analytics."

In the second session Hasso will discuss a case study: How is Oracle Data Visualization to be used in BI-projects? Both the sessions fit a technically educated employee perfectly: Everyone who deals with analytics, as a user, developer, administrator or architect.

Increased integration

During these sessions Hasso will try to combine the forces of the experts and the departments to develop cloud solutions together for a better final result.

"Organisations rarely know enough of the products that lie someone else's field of expertise. If the Cloud becomes an Integrated Platform, companies will have to integrate these implementations as well. No longer is it wise to hold on to separate technology departments for data integration, business intelligence or application development, when these services work better as a unit."

Visualising Streams

Hasso himself hopes to learn more about Data Management subjects during the Tech Experience. "Particularly concerning Events, Hubs, Kafka and Streaming. The session 'Visualising Streams' is one I am especially looking forward to. Gain a better understanding of all data activities on a Data Platform: That is what I am going to be concerned with. This because we have to keep finding more efficient ways to deal with data, in order to keep its value, or even increase it!"

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