Hasso Schaap to present at the Analytics and Data Summit 2018

Hasso Schaap to present at the Analytics and Data Summit 2018

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On 21 March, Qualogy colleague Hasso Schaap will host two sessions during the Analytics and Data Summit in California. As an analytics designer, he will explain the many possibilities of Oracle Cloud Analytics. Hasso looks forward.

The annual Analytics and Data Summit (formerly the BIWA Summit) attracts experts from around the world who are active in the fields of Oracle BI, data warehouse, advanced analytics, big data and Oracle Spatial and Graph. The event will be held this year on 20, 21 and 22 March at the Oracle headquarters in Redwood Shores.

High expectations

Hasso also attended last year's Analytics and Data Summit and found it to be extremely useful. His expectations of this year's event are high. 'I expect an even bigger turnout than last year and I hope to see even more Dutch participants. I'm sure there will be plenty of interesting discussions; most visitors are open to discussing the market, business practices, solutions and experiences with (Oracle) analytics and data.'

Limitless possibilities

During the Analytics and Data Summit, Hasso wants to explore new possibilities and discover state-of-the-art features. 'I also want to confirm that Oracle customers made the right choice for their cloud or analytics. The market for Oracle assignments seems to be drying up, but there are so many developments that consultants are never done learning. The possibilities are limitless if you're willing to explore related fields.'

Broader views and tailored recommendations

The summit demonstrates actual applications and solutions developed by US companies. 'You can adopt these ideas and then tailor them to the Dutch market,' Hasso adds. 'This really broadened my view of Oracle, data and analytics. Meeting with industry peers gave me a new understanding of how other people experience the current tools and developments. You can learn from these and tailor your customer recommendations accordingly.'

The sessions hosted by Hasso Schaap

Hasso will host two sessions during the Analytics and Data Summit.

Sessie 1: hybrid cloud-data centre strategies

In his first session, Hasso will focus on hybrid cloud analytics in Dutch data centres. 'Oracle Cloud has a strong presence in Amsterdam, which is why many people are interested in hearing how the Amsterdam data centre region can be positioned as the main data centre or as a European location for American organisations.'

Hybrid cloud-data centre strategies are complex. 'Many customers want to try out part of their solution in the cloud. I like to give organisations an overview of the key features and challenges before they get started with the features.'

Session 2: integrating BPM And BI

In the second session, Hasso will offer a new perspective on how middleware (integration) and analytics converge in self-service solutions. 'An interesting take on bringing together two worlds that were considered completely different until now: BPM and BI. This is something that really interests me. I'm convinced that if we don't know which action to embed in the solution, we can still shift from insight to action relatively easily.' Click here for more information about the presentations.

The future of machine learning

Customers regularly ask Qualogy for advice on the aforementioned issues. How do I tackle a cloud project and what do I need to achieve my business objectives? Hasso expects more questions like these in the future, such as: how can we put advanced features like machine learning into the hands of end users? 'Ultimately, consultants and software developers shouldn't be the only ones capable of writing complex machine learning scripts; experimenting with data should become a business activity.'

Mix of expertise and interest

Hasso is interested to learn what the integration and middleware experts at Qualogy have to say about analytics. 'Our architect Michel Schildmeijer will also present at this event (machine learning) and I myself am working on middleware (process cloud). This demonstrates the perfect mix of expertise and interest among our colleagues. Everyone has something to contribute and continues to learn all the time.'

Contributing to customer success

Hasso wants to take the insights he learns in California back home with him. 'I want to help our customers as quickly as possible by hosting in-depth information sessions on BI, data management and analytics. I hope that my ideas will help Qualogy customers become even more successful in the months to come.'

Learn more

Hasso will reflect on the Analytics and Data Summit and on his presentation in the weeks to come, so be sure to keep a close eye on our website: www.qualogy.com! You can also read the blog post by Qualogy colleague Michel Schildmeijer. He will also present at the Analytics and Data Summit 2018!

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