Inge Marinus about her career at Qualogy: “I feel at home here”

Inge Marinus: “I feel at home here”

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With a background in business economy and HR, Inge accidentally came into contact with IT. It piqued her interest so much that she decided to pursue it. In 2013, she started as an HR Implementation Consultant at Qualogy. She became a Field Manager within a year and has been occupied with a lot of HR cases these past years. Inge: “I can really let my creativity flow.”

Before she started at Qualogy, Inge worked as an HR specialist at a chemistry company. There, she got involved in the deployment of a new HR system. It raised her interest.

“Even though I don’t have an IT background, I noticed the procedural and user side came naturally to me. Because of a reorganization, I seized the opportunity to switch to an IT company. A few years later, I found a challenge I could really sink my teeth into at Qualogy: IT, HR, and Consultancy.”

“The procedural side of IT comes naturally to me” Inge Marinus

A new job every time

In her role as a consultant, Inge is primarily committed to Oracle’s HCM Cloud deployment, a software application package for HR management. “The fun part about my job is getting to peek behind the scenes at different companies. This also means working in different teams. It’s often like starting a new job.”

A selection from the projects

Besides projects for clients, Inge also focuses on internal (HR) processes and employment conditions. “I’m currently working on a big operation: the implementation of a new Finance and HR system and the corresponding transformation. For the operation, I work together with different teams of colleagues. A completed project I’m proud of, is the revision of Qualogy’s employment conditions. We completely remade and implemented them.”

Diverse teams

Thanks to her triple role, Inge works with every business unit at Qualogy. She knows the organization inside out. “Another great part of Qualogy is the diversity of nationalities. Our colleagues are from a wide range of countries and a branch in Suriname. It brings an extra dynamic to our teamwork. Moreover, it’s simply fun to get to know each other’s cultures.”

Predominantly male

The only thing Inge still misses at Qualogy are more women. “The IT sector is known for being predominantly male. And that’s also the case with Qualogy, though we’re working hard to balance it out. More diversity means more knowledge and experience, stimulates the creativity, and yields better results. That is why I made a plan to attract more female colleagues and retain them. Of course, diversity is more than gender or cultural background. It’s especially important that people feel at home in the organization. And that is precisely one of Qualogy’s strengths. We are a smaller IT organization, with short lines and a familial atmosphere. Many colleagues have worked here since the company’s establishment a little over 20 years ago. Those values are very important.”

“It’s important that people feel at home at Qualogy” Inge Marinus

Familiar work atmosphere

Inge explains what ‘feeling at home’ means to her personally. “The atmosphere at work is the most important part of a job to me. Although Qualogy has grown considerably in recent years, we still maintain the familial atmosphere. Qualogy really pays considerable attention to this. You see your colleagues 8 hours a day, sometimes even more than your own partner or children. Having a good click with each other is worth a lot, I think.

Some time ago, I was seriously ill. That was when I realized my colleagues are truly there for me. I received sweet phone calls, presents and all the time to recover. I didn’t feel any pressure to return quickly, and for that I’m very grateful.”

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