Integration Specialist Michelle Yuan: “I’ve never let anything hold me back”

Integration Specialist Michelle Yuan: “I’ve never let anything hold me back”

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When Michelle Yuan moved to The Netherlands for her studies, she would have never guessed she would be working at an IT company with roots in her homeland Suriname. Michelle: “It immediately felt right.” 

Since February 2020, Michelle Yuan has strengthened the business unit Qualogy Applications as an Integration Specialist. She talks about how she ended up at Qualogy. 

Michelle: “After my bachelor and master’s in computer science, I worked as a TIBCO specialist for over six years. I wanted to broaden my development and saw Qualogy was looking for a new Integration Specialist. I was surprised when I read on the website that Qualogy also has an office in Suriname, my homeland. After the first job interview, I noticed the atmosphere is very informal, which is different from other IT companies. It immediately clicked.” 

“The atmosphere is very informal, which is different from other IT companies” Michelle Yuan

From TIBCO to MuleSoft

The click was mutual, and Michelle said ‘yes’ to the role of Integration Specialist. She immediately got to work for the CAK, one of Qualogy’s customers. “I’m working on the integration of an application for implementing the Social Support Act for municipalities. An interesting challenge because I have to learn how to work with MuleSoft for the first time. Luckily, MuleSoft has a lot of overlap with TIBCO, so I quickly picked it up.” 

Intercultural team

Michelle did not have a lot of time to get to know her colleagues. “Since mid-March, everyone’s working from home because of the corona virus. Luckily, I did experience onboarding day. It was fun to see that colleagues from all over the world work at Qualogy. Fun and important. For my master thesis, I looked at the influence of cultures on the information sector and team roles. The importance of multicultural diversity was evident to me early on.” 

“The importance of multicultural diversity became clear to me early on” Michelle Yuan

Mathematical puzzles

Michelle looks back with satisfaction on her career choice. “Solving mathematical puzzles is really my thing, and this role is sufficiently challenging. Still, I had to overcome some obstacles. When I first came to The Netherlands from Suriname to study, the transition was hard. A lot of students dropped out. In the end, it was just me and three other female students.  
How I feel about working mostly with men? I don’t really mind. I feel at home in this world, and I’ve never let anything hold me back. Still, I do see big differences between men and women’s thinking patterns. When you combine both perspectives in one team, it will always yield better results. Luckily, more and more women choose computer science studies. I will gladly welcome them here at Qualogy!” 

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