Look Back on Tech Experience 2018

Look Back on Tech Experience 2018

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On June 7th and 8th the Tech Experience was held in the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort. Qualogy colleagues Patrick Barel, Rob Lasonder, Michel Schildmeijer and Hasso Schaap were guest speakers during this event. They look back on a successful edition.

Rob: educational insights

"The presentation about Docker was a highlight of the Tech Experience for me. It was interesting to discover how Docker relates to other virtual environments. I also found the sessions on Performance Tuning and the use of ASH (Active Session History) interesting. I would like to do more with that."

"I also learned a lot from speaker to experts. In this way I discovered more about the migration from Oracle to Postgres, which I want to keep an eye on. Postgres supports PL/SQL, so this product really fits well with Oracle."

Michel: Kudos to session Apache Kafka

"A session that I was particularly interested in, is the presentation about Apache Kafka messaging and process streaming. Clear, insightful and with good demos. And of course the interaction with other tech experts is interesting, it always brings you new insights."

Hasso: "More attention to implementation"

Tech Experience 2018 was a success for Hasso Schaap as well. He has his own vision on the aproach of the theme 'The Cloud is Next'.

"In the theme 'The Cloud is Next’ the focus is on the use of tooling and new services. It is time for us to explain to our customers how they can implement successfully, as well as how they can reap the benefits of the cloud."

"Another thing I want to focus on is being able to deal with and organize data, so that my customers can see the benefits of their data easier. The challenge here is using these solutions quicker on hard to access data."

Lastly, Hasso is enthusiastically about the keynote session of Oracle about Autonomous Cloud Platforms. "A clear overview of which services are meant for which users. Handy to keep in mind for conversations with stakeholders."

Successful guest presentations

How did our colleagues do during the guest presentations? All four look back on a valuable contribution to the event.

Patrick Barel: "I am content with my presentation 'Increase your programming confidence by using Unit Tests'. The people present had interesting questions for me and I had only positive comments. Very fun to do!"

Rob Lasonder: "In my presentation I spoke about how a database is converted from AIX to Exadata with GoldenGate. The audience was surprised that GoldenGate could be used for other databases, like MySQL SQL Server, DB2 and Postgres. Also they were curious about the new features in GoldenGate 12.2, like integrated Replicat."

Michel Schildmeijer: "My presentation was about Performance and Diagnostics Solutions in Oracle Fusion Middleware. A very big subject to discuss in 45 minutes, but it works out nicely. I got very positive comments on social media. ‘Excellent session demonstrating a very practical and systematic approach’ and ‘Useful tip from Michel Schildmeijer’.

Hasso Schaap: "The comments on my presentations were positive. The infrastructure aspect of Hybrid Cloud and Analytics was considered interseting by many visitors. That is the challenge of Hybrid Cloud strategy. It is the only valid cloud architecture in my opinion, but we do have to consider it carefully."

More information?

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