Looking back on APEX World 2018

Looking back on APEX World 2018

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On the 22nd and 23rd of March APEX World was held on the ss Rotterdam. This was a very special edition for Oracle consultant Menno Hoogendijk. As a guest speaker he gave 2 presentations. Together with his colleagues Wouter de Waard and Jeev Sewnath he looks back on the biggest APEX-only event in the world.

Menno: "The general mood after APEX World is that everybody wants to get to work on APEX 18.1 as soon as possible. The latest edition is to be expected this year. It can't take much longer for the update to be available." Read more on APEX 18.1 later in this article.

A party for technicians

For colleague Wouter de Waard this conference has been his favourite place to meet his (ex-)colleagues, project members and other acquaintances from the APEX world. Wouter: "APEX world is primarily a party for technicians. Every time you learn something new or find confirmation in current methods. Just by listening to what everyone is doing you get a clear view on the market."

The right mix

It was the first time Jeev Sewnath went to APEX World. "The event has sparked my enthusiasm to start working with APEX again. The right mix of technical feats, interesting use cases and a great venue really impressed me. Another positive was the degree of openness of the Oracle APEX Development Team. I have spoken to the Software Development Manager of Oracle APEX, Shakeeb Rahman, among others"

Presentations of Menno Hoogendijk

On the 2nd day of APEX World 2018 Menno gave 2 presentations as a guest speaker: Exploring the details of APEX-sessions and Securing ORDS. Both of his presentations were a big success.

Menno's presentations were clear and to the point. They were amongst the best of APEX World 2018! JEEV SEWNATH

Even before the event Menno's anticipation started. He recalls: "The amount of knowledge I have acquired in the preparation phase is vast. I really enjoyed that. I hope to experience the same during the upcoming APEX-conferences in Austria, Germany and the United States."

Have you missed Menno's presentations?  Download them here: 

APEX 18.1: Spotlight and REST Tools

We have to wait a little while longer for the next version of APEX. But what are we to expect? Menno comments on 2 notable updates:

APEX Spotlight: Users of Apple OSX know the feeling of very simple browsing. Spotlight brings super fast browsing in all components of Application Builder to APEX."

REST Tools: “Do you use APEX in the Cloud? If so, REST Tools are indispensable when making a REST API. As is the case when calling upon a REST API, SQL via REST or Social Login. In APEX 18.1 new features are integrated to make use of REST to its fullest capacity."

Highlights APEX World 2018

There was enough to be seen on this 2-day event. For Jeev the Open Mic Night was one of the highlights. He recalls: "During the Open Mic Night APEX developers from all over the world seized the opportunity to show the world their work in just 5 minutes. That was fantastic."

But the event is of course especially known for all the presentations given by famous guest speakers. Wouter: My highlights were the presentations of Shakeeb Rahman, John Snyders, Moritz Klein Niels de Bruyn, Roel Hartman and David Peake. Did you miss them? All the presentations of APEX World 2018 are downloadable on this page ." The following is a short commentary by Wouter on the previously mentioned presentations.

Presentation by Shakeeb Rahman: "The Oracle presentations of Shakeeb are always amazing. It is pleasure to watch him speak and to listen to him. It's a showcase of good presenting. He spoke about Universal Theme and the new FONT APEX."

Presentation by John Snyders: "John spoke about JavaScript-structures of APEX. A presentation to keep your attention. I keep listening, afraid to miss something."

Presentation by Moritz Klein: "APEX APIs are fitted standard to APEX. You only use them occasionally, but probably don't give them the credits due. You should, because they offer great solutions to a lot of everyday tasks."

Presentation by Niels de Bruyn: "How exactly to go about a project? Mostly a reminder for technicians that there is more than just code. I'm curious to know if his talk can take away a deciding customer's barriers.“

Presentation by Roel Hartman: "Roel compiled the best practices of the new Interactive Grid. The most important: 'If you plan on using Interactive Report, use Interactive Grid.' It seems to me that IG will eventually replace IR. It functions better when showing a report on a tablet or mobile phone."

Presentation by David Peake: "David's presentations are often a reminder of something I already knew, but forgot. The Forms2APEX conversion tool returns in great shape with a new update. The tool doesn't generate code anymore, but can still analyse old form files. These analyses provide a good indication of the size and complexity of a conversion."

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