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Looking back on the Amsterdam Meetup

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On Thursday, April 6, I held a presentation at the Big Data Amsterdam Meetup titled, "Data Science @ Qualogy: From Faces to Places". How did it go? I’d love to tell you more about it.

I only found out I was going to present the day before the event, after a slot opened up in the program. That meant a lot of lastminute work and improvisation, but I managed to give the audience a good idea of what Qualogy Solutions is working on with my presentation "From Faces to Places". There were a lot of students, professionals and interested parties in the audience. 

Why participate?

I participated in the Meetup because it's fun to explain what the Data Science team can do and what we are up to. A meetup is an excellent platform that gives us the opportunity to show upcoming talents who we are and what we do. It's also a great way to meet potential clients in a fun and informal setting.

The program

There were three presentations in the lineup and I was the second to speak. Kyra Coyne, Team Lead at Kx Systems, spoke before me and Daan Odijk, Lead Data Scientist at Blendle, spoke after me. The presentations were followed by a networking meeting with pizza and drinks!

"From Faces to Places"

During my presentation, I wanted to show a couple of recent Data Science projects that our team has been busy with. The title sort of gives it away: the first project I discussed was about facial recognition. Can we build an app that automatically performs a photo ID check using a video of the person?

The other project involves our work with a travel organization, where we try to understand and predict a favorite vacation destination using click behavior and account information.

Meetup presentations are supposed to be informal and entertaining. We decided to create a link between the travel organization project and our latest Data Science Insight [link]. Do you want a shark-free vacation? This funny ‘addition’ to a travel recommendation engine is actually possible by integrating and combining data from different sources.

What story do you want your data to tell?

At Qualogy Solutions, we help clients add value by using different types of data. We ask clients what story they want to tell. If a company can create the right link, it can be worth its weight in gold.

More Meetups in the future?

I'd be happy to present during future Meetups as well. It's good PR for Qualogy, there's always a positive vibe and it's good for our network. During the networking meeting, I met several people who were interested in working for us. All in all, it was a fun event. And who knows, we may just organize one of our own in the near future.

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