Marloes: “Will you be my new colleague?”

Marloes: “Will you be my new colleague?”

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Marloes van der Spek is a resource manager at Qualogy Resources. With her team, she assigns interim IT professionals to clients when they don’t have anyone available in-house. The department is currently looking for reinforcement: a junior and a medior IT recruiter. For her future colleagues, Marloes gives a look behind the scenes. 

Marloes explains: “Qualogy Resources wasn’t an independent department at the start, but it has more than earned its existence since. We have a proven track record: 120 external IT professionals are continuously working at our clients. Personally, I started here as a junior IT recruiter 10 years ago. I progressed to medior, then senior, and now I am the department manager. A great example of how you can develop yourself at Qualogy.”

Deploying and sourcing

Marloes continues: “Qualogy continuously receives requests from clients. These concern all areas within IT. If we don’t have a suitable employee available, we will work with an external professional. We share the request through our extensive network of partners and freelancers, via job boards and social media. Then, we receive responses from them.

In the meantime, we’re also looking for the right candidate for the job. For example, we use our CRM system with partners and freelancers, and LinkedIn to find candidates who are not yet known to us. This is called sourcing and makes recruitment more personal. We are going to focus more on this in the future. Which is fun, because it only makes our work more challenging.”

A day in the life

“Your workday starts with going through new requests in your inbox. Your inbox is also your to-do list for the day. In addition to email, requests also come in from Qualogy's account managers. You publish the new requests as quickly as possible, either by deploying them within our network or through targeted sourcing. You will assess the responses and look for suitable candidates. The most suitable candidates will be introduced to the client. Together with the account manager, you will handle the intake interviews and placements. This way, we ensure that the entire process is completed quickly and efficiently.

Our clients work in a variety of fields: from finance and government to retail. Most of the requests we receive are Java and Oracle related.”

It's about the person

“When you are new at Qualogy, it's not so much about your education but you as a person. You are a go-getter, analytical and precise. You are confident, quick to adapt and you set priorities. You also make a lot of phone calls during the day to quickly contact partners and suitable candidates.”

More advantages

“What I love about working at Qualogy Resources? Building long-term business relationships. After all, you want partners and freelancers to return to you. I also like that our department forms a close-knit team. We know each other's strengths and pitfalls, and there is an open atmosphere in the team. Everything is open to discussion. During meetings, we often ask how someone is doing. Because feeling good is important to be able to do your work well.”

“In the department, there is space for your own ideas and room to continue to develop yourself. In our sector, it’s essential to evolve with the continuous developments. And it’s important that we do what we like and that we are intrinsically motivated for our work. For example, do you have an affinity with social media? Then Qualogy encourages you to do more with that. You are allowed and able to do a lot at Qualogy.”


Sounds great? Respond to the vacancy, and who knows? We might see you soon!

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