‘Qualogy gives me plenty of room to contribute my own ideas’

Meet our recruiter Troy Ham

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Troy Ham works as a recruiter at Qualogy. So chances are you’ll be in touch with him if you want to know more about a job vacancy or when you apply for one. Discover how he started at Qualogy, what makes him so enthusiastic about his job, and read more about his focus on social bonding. Meet Troy.

Before he started at Qualogy, Troy worked as an IT recruiter at another company. He explains: “Due to management changes, the wind of change blew through the company. Qualogy was a client of ours, and I knew them as a company with a flat organizational structure and an impressive client base. They were and still are all about their employees. And the office was also close to my home. I decided to contact them and was positively surprised: I got the chance to work as a recruiter for Qualogy.”

Plenty of room for your own ideas

The transition to Qualogy was a breath of fresh air. Troy: “Since my first day, my personal and professional skills have only grown. I can be myself here. There are no standard guidelines that I have to follow. Qualogy gives me plenty of room to try new working methods and contribute my own ideas. No one is looking over my shoulder. My opinion matters: I’m a sparring partner for managers and our director.”

Just like family

Troy likes the company culture at Qualogy very much. He explains: “Everyone is there for you. And that’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s also really important for my work to connect with our various departments, because they all have different recruitment needs. That way, I know exactly where new colleagues are needed. And I can keep a finger on the pulse of new colleagues. Are they still happy with their work and is it still in line with what I told them during the application process? Because that has to continue to be true. We look out for each other, like a real family.”

Social bonding

This sense of family aligns with Troy’s approach, which he calls social bonding. “Of course, an important part of my job is finding new colleagues. But it’s also nice for us and for them if they feel comfortable and want to stay with us. That’s why business unit managers or account managers and field managers always keep me informed about how a new colleague is feeling. I also regularly speak with our new colleagues. I think it’s important to give colleagues a warm welcome and get to know them well, so that we can build something for the long term.”

LinkedIn: no standard pitch

Troy’s involvement begins at the first moment of contact. He explains: “I don’t like standard chitchat on InMail. A conversation should be fun. I only start a conversation after we have a connection. Then I explain why I think their technical background and work experience matches Qualogy. And I tell more about our impressive clients, awesome (knowledge) events that we organize or participate in, the (almost) unlimited training budget, the focus on innovation and the nice familial atmosphere. That’s a completely different approach.”

Team spirit: even remotely

How do you make sure that everyone feels seen and involved in the team, when some colleagues work mainly at clients? Troy: “Once a month, we have a Q office day on Friday. This means all the consultants work at the office. And every week we organize a free bar, so you can get to know your colleagues in a different way. In addition, there are knowledge sessions to further develop yourself and meet your colleagues. And every year, we have a big summer party and Christmas party. Which we can tell stories about all year long.”

Ambition at Qualogy

Troy has already brought in and implemented plenty of his own ideas at Qualogy. What ambitions does he still have? “I’m working on a recruitment process 3.0 with colleagues. For example, we’re currently working on a pilot to conduct the first interview, the technical intake and the job offer in just one day. That way, applicants know exactly where they stand. I would also like to use my role as a sparring partner more broadly, for example for other (decision-making) processes in the company.  The first step is to get certified (agile, lean, sigma). So that’s what I’m going to work on in the near future.”

Want to talk about Qualogy?

Would you like to know more about our clients, work method or employment conditions? Give Troy a call at: 070 219 53 22. He can tell you all about it.  

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