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From January 31 to February 2, I will be representing Qualogy at the 2017 BIWA Summit in Redwood Shores, California. I was invited as one of the speakers at this event geared towards Oracle specialists, industry colleagues and experts. What is the BIWA Summit and what will I be presenting? Keep reading to find out!

The BIWA Summit is an annual community meeting and collaboration between the non-profit organization and Oracle. The Oracle Convention Center will host more than one hundred short and long sessions during which keynote speakers will share their knowledge with an audience of peers. Presentations will be held on the following topics:

·         Internet of Things
·         Spatial & Graph
·         Data Warehousing and SQL
·         Advanced Analytics
·         Big Data
·         Business Intelligence & Visualization
·         Cloud Computing

Business Intelligence & Visualization

I was asked to prepare two presentations on business intelligence and visualization, collectively known as business analytics. In 2016, Qualogy won the prestigious Oracle Partner of the Year Award in this field. My presentation, titled 'No More Tensions', will be held on February 1. I also prepared a second presentation – 'Collaboration on Analytics in Business Intelligence Cloud Service' – in case a timeslot opens up.

Presentation: ‘No More Tensions! Enable Bimodal Analytics with Oracle Business Intelligence and Data Visualization’

In this presentation, I will explain the gap to be bridged between business and IT in terms of analytics, self-service and governance. Questions that will be addressed include: How can a self-service solution be used to meet business demands? And which problems will this help to prevent? Many business users create their own information using desktop analyses and visualization tools. To support these users, the available IT facilities should be expanded with extensive self-service capabilities.

My session will explain the tension between IT (‘doing it right') and business (‘doing it all’) that many organizations face.

This topic is highly relevant. Organizations engaged in analytics frequently find that IT cannot meet the growing information demands of the business. It's important to select the right platforms and to take into account the standard functionalities the business expects.

But the challenge not only lies with IT. The business needs to communicate with IT about its required processes and practices, as well as its ideas. If not, IT cannot meet its needs.

My presentation covers the key points of relevance to Oracle BI developers. I will also describe how requirements go hand in hand with specific project and development decisions and explain how business intelligence and visualization tools can be applied in a modern world, without having to do away entirely with old functionalities.

Stand-by presentation: ‘Collaboration on Analytics in Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service’

Collaboration used to be seen as sharing objects and editing documents together in real-time, usually via social networks. This presentation offers a broader view of collaboration and touches on other aspects that are highly relevant to professional organizations.

I held the same presentation during Oracle OpenWorld 2016, although I added new features to the presentation intended for the BIWA Summit 2017. The presentation is about what Oracle BI and Database Cloud Service can offer and what you can accomplish in the field of collaboration and analytics without any additional costs. I will delve deeper into this topic and explain collaboration based on the themes data, code, visualization and action.

I developed a product that can be used a starting point for collaborating in the BI Cloud Service, which I will reveal and demonstrate during the presentation. This product is available for free.

Contact me

I look forward to seeing you at the BIWA Summit 2017. Unable to attend? Feel free to make an appointment to determine what Oracle Business Intelligence, Analytics, Self-Service, Data Visualization and Cloud can do for your organization.

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