Mendix at the modern, data-driven Kadaster

Mendix at the modern, data-driven Kadaster

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Qualogy’s Senior Mendix consultant Nils Klatter is working at the Kadaster (Netherlands’ Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency) where he is modernising a field application for surveyors. The outdated on-site Windows application is being replaced by a future-proof Mendix cloud application. Read his story.  

The Kadaster registers and manages who has which rights to all the real estate in the Netherlands (plots and buildings). This data is available to everyone. Nils: “I am working on applications for which I could also become the user. That makes it especially fun.” 

Modern, data-driven organisation

Anyone working in IT soon feels at home at Kadaster. Nils: “It may not be the first thing you expect when you imagine the Kadaster, but it’s a really modern, data-driven organisation with an open culture. Mendix is perfectly suited to this type of organisation in which the business understands the importance of IT. The users also know how to find us. Since 2017, 25 Mendix applications have been delivered. One or two applications are added each quarter.”  

The Mendix team

Nils and four Mendix professionals are working in a DevOps team on the (further) development of Mendix applications. “We always work in pairs. This ensures we transfer knowledge within the team. There’s a scrum master, and of course architects, product owners, the management team and the business are involved in the development. I am currently working on the surveyors’ report management application.”

Surveyors’ report management application

Surveyors from the Kadaster define borders. A report consists of a plot sketch with the data from the surveyors. Nils: “The management application for surveyor reports is the surveyors’ field application. The current and outdated Windows application is running on-site on end-of-life tablets. We are rebuilding the old application as a modern cloud application in Mendix. This also opens the door to further development.”

From intake to management

As a Mendix consultant you are in direct contact with the users of the application. Nils: “I am involved from the intake up to an including its management. During the weekly demos we present the completed processes to the users. As a result, the key users see the application grow. It fosters involvement in the development, and we can include feedback immediately.”

Ongoing application development

The test phase for the new application just started with 20 surveyors. Nils: “It’s an exciting moment. And we still have plenty of development wishes on the list, such as:

  • Making the application available offline.
  • Storing notes in pdf format.
  • Building links between the report management application and other applications to reduce administration.
  • Simplifying the implementation of changes.”

Improving quality control

One of the great benefits of the new application is an improvement in the quality control. Nils: “After entering a report, a team performs an intrinsic quality control. Professional assistants then look at all the geo-related issues. In the previous application, everyone worked in the same notes field. Now everybody has their own spot in the application. As a result, shadow IT is a thing of the past.”

More information

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