Michel Schildmeijer has been appointed CDF Ambassador 2022

Michel Schildmeijer has been appointed CDF Ambassador 2022

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Great news: Michel Schildmeijer has been appointed CDF Ambassador. The CDF (Continuous Delivery Foundation) is an opensource community that helps companies and individuals to deliver opensource solutions. Michel: “I am honoured to have been chosen as CDF Ambassador – the first Dutchman to have been selected.”

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Distribution of CDF Ambassadors. Michel from Qualogy is the only person representing the Netherlands.

Opensource technology is increasingly common property. Major players like Google, Microsoft and Amazon are playing an important role and determine a large part of the industry standards. With the Linux Foundation (LF) and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation – all closely related – CI/CD has been assigned its own role. In this summary of the CNCF landscape, CI/CD also has its own spot.

Michel has been involved with open source more and more in recent years too. He explains: “As CI/CD Integrator in one of my projects, I learned how to design and build software delivery pipelines. And how to integrate and use them in an IT landscape.

Continuity and automation are growing in importance in this respect, especially if you work according to DevOps and Agile methods. I’ve seen that open source has also become a key part of my colleagues’ strategy in Oracle technology – my specific area of expertise - in combination with cloud.”

The next step

After a brief onboarding, the CDF Ambassadors will meet in their monthly meetings. There they’ll define focus areas, such as speaking at conferences, writing blogs, and organising CI/CD events. The CDF Ambassadors’ most important aim is to share their knowledge with customers and IT organisations through webinars, articles, the various online channels, certifications and the like. 

About Michel

Michel has been at Qualogy since 2012. In that year he was appointed Oracle ACE. In 2019 he became Oracle ACE Director. Since October 2021, Michel has been the business unit manager of our Qualogy for Support management team. Follow Michel on LinkedIn and Twitter, or send your question to mschildmeijer@qualogy.com.

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