Michel Schildmeijer is looking forward to Tech Experience 2018

Michel Schildmeijer is looking forward to Tech Experience 2018

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The second edition of Tech Experience will be held on June 7-8 at the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort. This is the only event that covers the entire Oracle Technology Stack. Four Qualogy colleagues were invited to the conference as guest speakers, including Michel Schildmeijer. What does he expect?

The theme of this year's Tech Experience is 'The Cloud is Next'. Michel's expects a lot from this theme, including interesting sessions about the cloud, API, microservices and serverless computing.

"I think it's important to highlight the more traditional topics as well. Many clients aren't as far along as the industry would want and I expect the event to bridge the gap between Oracle Cloud and on-premises by emphasizing what can and cannot be done in the cloud."

WebLogic expertise

As a solutions architect at Qualogy and an Oracle Ace, Michel is an experienced guest speaker in the Netherlands and abroad. With eighteen years of WebLogic experience, he will share practical tips and insights with the Tech Experience audience.

"During Tech Experience, I'll discuss the ins and outs of diagnosing and troubleshooting the Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform. I noticed that there's quite a bit of interest in this topic. My extensive experience has taught me that you can develop a debug and troubleshoot pattern in addition to an architecture and developer's pattern to help you identify and solve problems more quickly."

Tip: identifying challenges

Michel often sees things go wrong in practice: during projects and implementations, for instance, not enough attention is paid to the coherence between the different parts of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform.

"Many of our clients use Oracle Fusion Middleware (or an equivalent in the cloud). I've noticed that the emphasis tends to be on developing new functionalities, without people really understanding the products on which the applications run. That makes the platform hard to operate. The roll-out and implementation of a project like this could be more successful if we identify challenges, make diagnoses and work on performance tuning at an early stage."


In addition to sharing his own insights, Michel hopes to take in as much of the multifaceted Tech Experience program as possible. One of his must-sees is 'Building Event-Driven (Micro) Services with Apache Kafka/Oracle Event Hub CS’.

"As a solutions architect, I want to explore next-level messaging, SOA and microservices. I'd like to know how this could benefit my current clients."

Another presentation high on his must-see list is 'Moving from BPEL to SpringBoot Containers in the Oracle Cloud'. 

"After years of SOA integrations with BPEL, I'm curious if there's a different way. In this session, Luc Gorissen will present a feasibility study that reveals how BPEL implementation can be used differently in containers with SpringBoot Services."

Click here for the full program.

More on the agenda

Tech Experience is not the only event Michel Schildmeijer will speak at. Immediately after Tech Experience, he will attend the BGOUG Spring Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria as a guest speaker. During this event he will cover an entirely different topic: machine learning in the Oracle Management Cloud. Michel will share these same insights on June 21, during the UKOUG Conference in Edinburgh. 

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Other guest speakers are Patrick Barel, Rob Lasonder and Hasso Schaap. Read the blogs by PatrickRob and Hasso.  

Michel Schildmeijer
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