Oracle Fusion Middleware for health insurer VGZ

Oracle Fusion Middleware for health insurer VGZ

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Since 2015, Qualogy has been delivering Oracle Fusion Middleware expertise to VGZ. The first project was successfully completed and Qualogy grew to be the preferred supplier of Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) specialists. Consultants Erik Tamboer and Joeri Terlouw would love to tell you more about this successful cooperation.

Oracle Fusion Middleware developer Erik Tamboer started his VGZ assignment at the start of 2015. He helps the health insurance company to phase-out their Oracle Health Insurance Self Service (OHISS). This service is linked to Oracle’s Health Insurance Back Office package, and was, until then, exclusively maintained for VGZ. The intended result: a substantial cost saving.

Erik: “Internal research showed that it was better to replace OHISS with a newly developed, flexible and future-proof solution, based on OFM. VGZ didn’t have the in-house expertise, so they consulted Qualogy.”

Wanted: OFM Developer with PL/SQL experience

VGZ was looking for an OFM Developer proficient with programming language PL/SQL. Oracle’s Health Insurance Back Office leans heavily on Oracle’s Database, which uses PL/SQL. Erik: “My PL/SQL experience and expertise in OFM came in handy. Coincidentally, my last assignment had just been finished. I had the perfect resume at the right time.”

We are very pleased with the quality and knowledge of Qualogy’s consultants.

Simplifying the IT landscape

Developing the new OFM solution progressed well. Very quickly, requests came in to replace other systems with OFM services. By doing this, the VGZ IT landscape would be simplified and save costs.

Erik: “In the meantime, OHISS has been replaced. And phasing-out other, expensive systems is going well. There are more and more links between front end systems (like VGZ websites and the mobile app), back end systems and the external parties running via OFM. Simultaneously, we have been realizing functions that, before, were not or hardly possible.”

A stable IT landscape

Every year ends with a so-called reconsideration period: the period where clients can switch health insurer or change their insurance policy. This causes a major strain on the IT landscape. Erik: “While developing new systems, we keep the so-called reconsideration period in mind. This allows us to keep the IT landscape stable and up and running the entire year.”

Expanding the OFM team

At the start of 2019, VGZ is in need of more OFM expertise. Qualogy participates in the tender process and wins the bid. The number of Qualogy colleagues deployed at VGZ grows with an Information Analyst (Joeri Terlouw), a developer and two testers.

Joeri: “I am part of the VGZ Integration Team. The team consists of Information Analysts, developers, and testers. It is our job to match the VGZ integration landscape to the changing needs of the company. These are defined by Product Owners during the Quarterly Business Review. During the review, Product Owners reflect on company results from the previous quarter and make new plans for the following quarters.”

Lines of communication are short. It makes discussing issues easy. And Qualogy is always prepared to brainstorm solutions.

Working towards desired results together

Joeri’s role within the Integration Team is analyzing the prioritized items. He explains: “I confer with various departments, like the policy administration and the business portal, during my analysis. By asking questions, I get a clear overall picture of an item. Next, I record the item in a specification, so our developers and testers can implement it. By continuously reviewing each other, we achieve the desired result. The daily (online) stand-ups are also very important.”

Great projects

The biggest challenge for Joeri and his colleagues is procuring the right information from the departments. “The organization knows the general direction they want to go in. But the departments decide how to get there. That is why we have to get the right information from the various departments.”

The integration team achieved multiple successes, like phasing out multiple outdated applications. The replacements are currently running on the VGZ integration landscape.

“We also successfully completed several projects, like ‘VGZ Simplifies’. This project made insurance packages considerably more comprehensible for consumers. And we’re currently in the concluding stage of the ‘Provision Calculation’ project. This sends automatically calculated provisions to intermediaries because they helped VGZ acquire new customers. The next project will present an informative overview of all our intermediaries’ participants.”

Excellent cooperation

VGZ is a great client. Joeri: “The atmosphere is wonderfully informal. Everyone in the Integration Team is friendly and easy to talk to. There is room for relaxation and humor, for example in our virtual canteen and during the monthly pub quiz.” Erik agrees wholeheartedly. He says: “VGZ is a great client with motivated colleagues. They are involved and flexible with working hours and working remotely.”

Likewise, VGZ is satisfied about the cooperation. The hiring manager of the Integration team: “We are very pleased with the quality and knowledge of Qualogy’s consultants. Lines of communication are short. It makes discussing issues easy. And Qualogy is always prepared to brainstorm solutions.”

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