Preview: Meet The Oracle Masters congress

Preview: Meet The Oracle Masters congress

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On Wednesday, October 30, 2019, Qualogy is organizing a ‘Meet The Oracle Masters’ congress, with Steven Feuerstein and Chris Saxon from Oracle. Qualogy’s Oracle Ace Director Patrick Barel will kick the day off. Read his preview. 

“This congress is a great opportunity to learn from Oracle masters Steven Feuerstein and Chris Saxon. The day is especially interesting for developers who work with SQL and PL/SQL.”

The advantages of SQL

"Organizations are looking for handy ways to quickly make their ever-growing amount of data available, in a way that shares only the most valuable information. SQL is a language we use to communicate with the Database.

The most important advantage of SQL is that you describe what has to happen. It is up to the Database (RDBMS) to decide how this should happen. The Database can decide best, based on statistics, how the data should be collected. The Query only describes which data should be collected and where the data can be found.

Another advantage of SQL – compared to the other 3GL languages – is that the language is based on processing SETs data. Instead of doing the work row for row, an entire SET will be addressed.”

Meet Oracle Master Steven Feuerstein

“Steven Feuerstein is the PL/SQL guru. He focuses on spreading knowledge. He wrote – aside from many other books – the standard work for PL/SQL developers: Oracle PL/SQL Programming (6th edition). Until recently, Steven travelled around the world as a speaker and trainer. Nowadays, he’s leading a team of Developer Advocates, among which Chris Saxon. Steven will be present at the congress via video connection.”


Meet Oracle master Chris Saxon

“Chris Saxon is a welcome guest at the Oracle events and one of the Developer Advocates from Steven’s team. Together with Conner McDonald, he runs the (‘tom’ stands for ‘the Oracle masters’). Chris is specialized in SQL and PL/SQL. His strength: translating abstract database features to solutions for everyday problems.”


Costs and sign up ‘Ask the Oracle masters’ congress

The congress takes place at Green Village in Nieuwegein. The costs of the congress are €200. You can sign in on our special congress page. There, you will also find the program and all the abstracts of the presentations.

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